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Too Many Cooks

Episode: 174 | Aired: September 17, 1979

A M*A*S*H unit marches on its stomach, and when an accident-prone GI begins dishing out delicious food to the hungry 4077th the group begs Col. Potter to bring him on as full-time chef. But Sherman is too preoccupied with his troubled marriage to care about gourmet meals.

Are You Now, Margaret

Episode: 175 | Aired: September 24, 1979

The Red Scare rampaging through the McCarthy Congressional Hearings has come to the 4077th. Margaret is suspected of being a communist sympathizer by a visiting Congressional aide. On the surface, his fact-finding mission seems harmless, but the staff must go to great lengths to protect Margarets career.

Geurilla My Dreams

Episode: 176 | Aired: October 01, 1979

Who calls the shots, the American doctor or the South Korean military man? The 4077th is about to find out as Hawkeye fights to save a wounded Korean woman while a South Korean ROK officer suspects her of being a guerilla fighter. Tensions rise as interests collide.

Good-Bye Radar, Part 1 of 2

Episode: 177 | Aired: October 08, 1979

The 4077th is in trouble. Its bad enough that Radar is on leave in Tokyo before heading back to the States on a hardship discharge, but when a generator blows, and the backup is stolen, chaos threatens to overtake the M*A*S*H unit.

Good-Bye Radar, Part 2 of 2

Episode: 178 | Aired: October 15, 1979

Radars diligence and dedication to his job as company clerk is evident as he can barely bring himself to leave while the 4077th is in such dire straits. The generator is still down, Klinger cant find a replacement, and the group dreads life without Radar OReilly.

Period of Adjustment

Episode: 179 | Aired: October 22, 1979

The 4077th is still in shock over Radars departure, and Klinger is feeling the backlash. Hes inefficient, hes slow, hes cranky, hes crazyin short, hes not Radar. B.J., homesick to begin with, is almost sent over the edge when he hears about Radars reunion with his family. Life goes on, but it will never be the same without Radar.

Nurse Doctor

Episode: 180 | Aired: October 29, 1979

Father Mulcahy is the object of a beautiful nurses romantic obsession. Her ambition is to become a doctor once she leaves the military, but the staff of the 4077th is reluctant to help her once she starts carrying a torch for the priest. A cold shower might bring her to her senses, but there isnt any running water in the camp!

Private Finance

Episode: 181 | Aired: November 05, 1979

Klingers financial generosity towards a South Korean beauty gets him into trouble. Hawkeye is faced with a difficult choicefulfill a dying GIs wish or turn his money over to the proper authorities.

Mr. and Mrs Who?

Episode: 182 | Aired: November 12, 1979

Major Charles Winchester III goes on a bender while on leave in Tokyo. His souvenir? A new wife! When the new Mrs. Winchester III shows up in camp to decide how to love, honor, and obey, the 4077th is thrown into a tizzy. The frenzy isnt helped by a severe outbreak of hemorrhagic fever that is debilitating staff and patients alike.

The Yalu Brick Road

Episode: 183 | Aired: November 19, 1979

A bad turkey doesnt give the 4077th much to be thankful for. Food poisoning hits, most of the doctors are on leave, and Father Mulcahy secretly enjoys taking care of those afflicted. B.J. and Hawkeye, on a quest for antibiotics, lose their bearings and wind up in the middle of enemy territory.


Episode: 184 | Aired: November 26, 1979

A timer counts down onscreen as B.J., Hawkeye, and the rest of the 4077th race to save the life of a GI who needs an aorta transplant. The doctors know how much time they have before it is too late, and so do the viewers as the seconds tick away. Medically accurate, grippingly real, this is truly one of the series most riveting episodes.

Dear Uncle Abdul

Episode: 185 | Aired: December 03, 1979

In a letter home to his Uncle Abdul, Klinger lets off a little steam. Whats troubling him? Col. Potter has him posing on his horse to paint a self-portrait, Father Mulcahy is writing strange songs, and Margaret shoots her foot-locker so the Army will have to issue her a new one.

Captain's Outrageous

Episode: 186 | Aired: December 10, 1979

While Rosie recuperates after being hurt in a bar fight, B.J. and Hawkeye tend bar in her place. They drinking as much as they serve, and chaos reigns until Rosie gets better. At long last, Father Mulcahy is promoted from Lieutenant to Captain.

Stars and Stripes

Episode: 187 | Aired: December 17, 1979

B.J. and Winchester nearly come to blows while writing an article for a well-known medical journal. Meanwhile, Margarets GI boyfriend may be in hot water for punching a superior in the mouth.

Yessir, That's Our Baby

Episode: 188 | Aired: December 31, 1979

B.J., Hawkeye and Father Mulcahy try to find a home for an abandoned baby. The child was fathered by an American GI, and Korean society shuns it. Just as all options seem to be exhausted, Father Mulcahy has a brilliant idea.

Bottle Fatigue

Episode: 189 | Aired: January 07, 1980

Hawkeyes bar tab could feed a small country for a week. Deciding its time to cut down, Hawkeye swears off booze for one full week. He immediately begins to get on everyones nerves.

Heal Thyself

Episode: 190 | Aired: January 14, 1980

Col. Potter and Charles are forced to become roommates when they both catch the mumps. Who will run the camp while Potters laid up? The 4077th seems to have lucked out with Capt. Newsome, but is his talent and personality a smokescreen?

Old Soldiers

Episode: 191 | Aired: January 21, 1980

Hawkeye is thrust into Col. Potters role as commander of the 4077th when Potter rushes off to Tokyo on a secret mission. Turns out, an old war buddy is sick. Back at the camp, a group of rowdy Korean children refugees run the staff ragged while they attempt to treat them.

Morale Victory

Episode: 192 | Aired: January 28, 1980

Col. Potter gets fed up with B.J. and Hawkeye griping about how little fun there is to be had at the 4077th. To shut them up, he anoints them as the companys new morale officers.

Lend a Hand

Episode: 193 | Aired: February 04, 1980

Hawkeye gets wind of a surprise party that is in the works for him. He does his best to foil the plot by offering to go to the front to help a wounded surgeon.

Goodbye, Cruel World

Episode: 194 | Aired: February 11, 1980

An American fighter pilot of Asian descent arrives at the 4077th after having been injured during airborne combat. His injuries mean he will be discharged. Upon hearing this, he relentlessly attempts suicide. Meanwhile, Klinger is in a snit because nobody approves of how he has redecorated his room.


Episode: 195 | Aired: February 18, 1980

The staff of the 4077th is utterly exhausted after attending to wounded GIs for two days without rest. As they nap between patients, their dreams show how deeply this war is affecting them.

War Co-Respondent

Episode: 196 | Aired: March 03, 1980

For B.J, the hardest part of serving his country is missing his wife and kids back home. But his devotion is tested to the limit by the arrival of a world-renowned war correspondent, Aggie OShea.

Back Pay

Episode: 197 | Aired: March 10, 1980

Hawkeye discovers that doctors back home in the States are managing to get rich from the war. Enraged, he tallies up his service time and presents the Army with a gigantic bill. Charles can barely conceal his contempt for the three Korean medics hes mentoring, but their Eastern methods prove to be invaluable.

April Fools

Episode: 198 | Aired: March 24, 1980

Practical jokes are de rigueur at the 4077th, so April Fools Day is pure insanity. A visiting Colonel falls victim to the trickster hysteria and Col. Potter tries to unruffle his feathers.