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Bug Out, Parts 1 and 2

Episode: 098 | Aired: September 21, 1976

Fearing an imminent attack by the Chinese, the 4077th repositions itself all except for Hawkeye, B.J., Radar and Hot Lips, who are midway through critical surgery.

Bug Out, Part 2 of 2

Episode: 099 | Aired: September 21, 1976

Fearing an imminent attack by the Chinese, the 4077th repositions itself all except for Hawkeye, B.J., Radar and Hot Lips, who are midway through critical surgery.

Margaret's Engagement

Episode: 100 | Aired: September 28, 1976

Margaret goes away on temporary duty in Tokyo. She returns with big news: shes engaged. Frank is devastated. He takes his frustration out on a Korean family that he demands to be arrested as spies.

Out of Sight, Out Of Mind

Episode: 101 | Aired: October 05, 1976

Hawkeye is trying to fix the nurses furnace when it explodes, injuring his eyes and endangering his sight. The camp grows tense as everyone worries that Hawkeye could be blinded forever. Hawkeye receives comfort and perspective from a soldier who lost his sight in combat. In the end, Hawkeye sees again. Like never before. Frank, meanwhile, wins bets on baseball games he has already heard on the radio.

Lt. Radar O' Reily

Episode: 102 | Aired: October 12, 1976

Radar wins a promotion to Lieutenant in a poker game. Soon he opts to return to his original rank.

The Nurses

Episode: 103 | Aired: October 19, 1976

Hot Lips confines Nurse Baker to her tent, not realizing her husband has arrived at camp so they can finally have their long-overdue honeymoon. Hawkeye, B.J. and the rest of the nurses conspire to make the honeymoon happen in Margarets tent.

The Abduction of Margaret Houlihan

Episode: 104 | Aired: October 26, 1976

North Korean prisoners are released near the 4077th. Next thing you know, Margaret is missing. Everyone worries. In the end, it turns out she was helping a Korean family with the birth of their child.

Dear Sigmund

Episode: 105 | Aired: November 09, 1976

An Army psychiatrist finds himself depressed, so he visits the compound to observe how the 4077th combats depression. He decides to compose a letter to Sigmund Freud as a form of self-therapy. A mystery prankster victimizes Frank.

Mulcahy's War

Episode: 106 | Aired: November 16, 1976

Father Mulcahy feels he has failed to relate to a soldier who shot himself to get relief from combat. The priest believes he needs to visit the front lines to understand what the soldiers are going through. He ends up performing an emergency tracheotomy, with Hawkeye coaching him by phone.

The Korean Surgeon

Episode: 107 | Aired: November 23, 1976

Hawkeye and Pierce maneuver to get a new surgeon added to the staff. The trouble is that the skilled medical man is North Korean and technically should be detained as a prisoner of war. Hot Lips and Frank contend that the doctor is a spy.

Hawkeye Get Your Gun

Episode: 108 | Aired: November 30, 1976

After a long stretch in the O.R., Hawkeye and Potter are chosen -- against their will -- to go on a mercy mission to a Korean hospital that needs their expertise. Protocol and practicality demand that Hawkeye carry a gun. He resists adamantly. On the trip home, he finds out why guns are required in war.

The Colonel's Horse

Episode: 109 | Aired: December 07, 1976

Potters horse develops colic, Klinger develops severe depression, and Margaret develops appendicitis. The camp pitches in to save the horse. Klinger receives a discharge for depression, only to see it revoked because his going away celebration is proof that he has overcome his depression. Margaret chooses Hawkeye, not Frank, to perform her operation.


Episode: 110 | Aired: December 14, 1976

Col. Potter orders Radar to remove a Korean spirit post that the locals believe wards off evil. An elderly Korean man refuses to receive treatment at the 4077th unless a priestess performs an exorcism to rid the camp of the wicked spirits.

Hawk's Nightmare

Episode: 111 | Aired: December 21, 1976

Hawkeye finds himself in the middle of a war inside his head. The constant shelling, the endless wounded; the confines of the camp are starting to get to him. An Army psychiatrist assures him that hes as sane as he can be. In other words, under the circumstances of war, it would be insane to be sane.

The Most Unforgettable Characters

Episode: 112 | Aired: January 04, 1977

Radar begins to study writing in a correspondence course offered by an outfit called the Famous Las Vegas Writers School. Meanwhile, as their gift to Frank on his birthday, Hawkeye and Pierce pretend to have a big fight.

38 Across

Episode: 113 | Aired: January 11, 1977

Stumped by a crossword puzzle, Hawkeye persuades Potter to send for an old Navy buddy whos known to be a word whiz. Meanwhile, Klinger tries to prove hes insane by attempting to eat a jeep.

Ping Pong

Episode: 114 | Aired: January 18, 1977

An old friend of Col. Potter, Lt. Col. Harold Becket, is resting in post-op at the 4077th. Potter confronts him when he realizes the commander is putting his troops in harms way in order to put in the time he needs to get a promotion. Meanwhile, Hawkeye and B.J. help ping pong champion Cho Lin get married at the camp.

End Run

Episode: 115 | Aired: January 25, 1977

A college football star learns that his leg has to be amputated and decides that he would rather die. Radar comforts him and restores his will to live.

Hanky Panky

Episode: 116 | Aired: February 01, 1977

B.J. consoles a nurse who receives a letter from her husband telling her that their marriage is over. Although it was never his intention, Hunnicutt ends up spending the night with the nurse. The question is: Will he tell his wife?


Episode: 117 | Aired: February 08, 1977

An outbreak of hepatitis rages through the camp. Father Mulcahy becomes infected. Hawkeye must treat patients while dealing with back pain that seems to have been triggered by bad news he receives from his hometown.

The General's Practitioner

Episode: 118 | Aired: February 15, 1977

Hawkeye is nominated to become a generals personal physician. Meanwhile, Radar is nominated by a G.I. to temporarily play father to the soldiers child.

Movie Tonight

Episode: 119 | Aired: February 22, 1977

To improve the morale of his troops, Col. Potter hosts a screening of a Western film. But the film keeps breaking, the audience grows restless, and soon the audience begins to entertain itself. Father Mulcahy jumps on the piano, Radar does impressions, and others act out scenes from the movie.


Episode: 120 | Aired: March 01, 1977

Col. Potter tries to prevent the injuries often caused when Korean children and U.S. soldiers hunt for souvenirs that turn out to be booby-trapped by the enemy. Meanwhile, Hawkeye and B.J. plot against a local junk dealer.

Post Op

Episode: 121 | Aired: March 08, 1977

The camp runs out of blood. Everyone in the compound is donating every 48 hours to try to fill the need. Finally, a truckload of Turkish soldiers arrive and line up to give.

Margaret's Marriage

Episode: 122 | Aired: March 15, 1977

Under pressure from Frank to make a decision about her love life, Margaret decides to marry Donald Penobscott. The camps host a bridal shower and raucous bachelor party. Hawkeye and B.J. put Donald in a cast while he sleeps off his hangover.