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That's Show Biz, Part 1 of 2

Episode: 219 | Aired: October 26, 1981

The USO presents their touring show to the 4077th. Things go slightly awry when the M*A*S*H unit must perform emergency surgery on the star.

That's Show Biz, Part 2 of 2

Episode: 220 | Aired: October 26, 1981

The USO presents their touring show to the 4077th. Things go slightly awry when the M*A*S*H unit must perform emergency surgery on the star.

Indentity Crisis

Episode: 221 | Aired: November 02, 1981

Father Mulcahy tries to help a GI deal with his conscience. The young frightened soldier has switched dog tags with a fellow GI who was killed in combat. This identity shift will ensure that he will see no more action. On a lighter note, B.J. and Charles desperately attempt to shut the trap of a motor-mouth salesman.

Rumor at the top

Episode: 222 | Aired: November 09, 1981

The gang mistakenly thinks a visiting Army official is recruiting the best of the best to form an all-star M*A*S*H unit. Paranoia and fear race through the 4077th until a brilliant plan is concocted: Behave like idiots! Rudeness, stupidity, absent-mindedness, and pure laziness run rampant.

Give em' Hell, Hawkeye

Episode: 223 | Aired: November 16, 1981

Hawkeye has had it with the Army again. Whats got his goat this time? The 4077th has asked for a crucial water heater, which theyve been promised only if they perform camp beautification. This ridiculous beauracratic blackmail leads Hawkeye to fire off a letter to President Harry S. Truman, asking him to end the war.

Wheelers and Dealers

Episode: 224 | Aired: November 23, 1981

When Col. Potter has one too many mishaps behind the wheel of his Jeep, hes forced to submit to the ultimate humiliation -- driving lessons. While Henry spins his wheels, B.J. is shocked to learn that his wife has taken a job as a waitress.

Communication Breakdown

Episode: 225 | Aired: November 30, 1981

Getting news from home was not as easy in the '50s as it is today, so when Charles refuses to let anyone read any of the newspapers hes received, the rest of the 4077th is outraged. Hawkeye attempts to heal the rift between two Korean brothers fighting on opposite sides of the war.

Snap Judgement, Part 1 of 2

Episode: 226 | Aired: December 07, 1981

Hawkeyes brand new Polaroid camera has disappeared. A thorough search of the 4077th comes up empty, so Klinger goes underground and locates it on the black market. Klinger is caught with the goods by a couple of overeager M.P.s who think they've found the culprit behind a rash of thefts at the 4077th.

Snappier Judgment, Part 2 of 2

Episode: 227 | Aired: December 14, 1981

Klinger faces a military court-martial. Who will defend poor Max Klinger? When B.J. and Hawkeye hear that Klinger has chosen Charles to be his lawyer, they know hes doomed and vow to clear his name.

Twas the Day after Christmas

Episode: 228 | Aired: December 28, 1981

Christmas for the 4077th is a bittersweet holiday the staff is grateful for the respite from work, but are more homesick than usual and acutely aware of the horrors of war. To keep spirits up, Col Potter has officers and enlisted personnel flip-flop duties for Boxing Day, the day after Christmas.

Follies of the Living- Concerns of the Dead

Episode: 229 | Aired: January 04, 1982

Klinger suffers a terrible fever that simply wont break. In his altered state, he carries on a conversation with Private Weston who is dead.

The Birthday Girls

Episode: 230 | Aired: January 11, 1982

Its Margarets birthday and shes headed for the bright lights of Tokyo to celebrate. That is, until she and Klinger manage to break down miles from nowhere. Charles is forced to demonstrate a new drug to the nurses in her absence, which makes him quite grumpy. And the rest of the 4077th is occupied helping a cow give birth to a calf.

Blood and Guts

Episode: 231 | Aired: January 18, 1982

The 4077th is visited by Clayton Kibbee, a war correspondent who quickly endears himself to the whole gang. Hawkeye gets wind of the tone of his reports, which glorify the war instead of showing the real horror. By the end of his time in camp, Kibbee has seen the error of his ways and pledges to tell a more fair and balanced truth.

A Holy Mess

Episode: 232 | Aired: February 01, 1982

The Church has always provided relief for the persecuted. Private Nick Gillis, AWOL from his Unit, forces Father Mulcahy to consider difficult questions when he seeks sanctuary in the mess after Mulcahys service. Father Mulcahy must choose between the Army and his faith.

The Tooth Shall Set you Free

Episode: 233 | Aired: February 08, 1982

The 4077th suspects a commander of racism when his unit arrives for medical treatment. An unreasonably large number of soldiers killed in his unit were black. When confronted with this damning evidence, he vehemently denies any wrongdoing. Charles has a toothache and is too scared to let anyone pluck it out.

Pressure Points

Episode: 234 | Aired: February 15, 1982

The stresses of war are getting to everyone at the 4077th. Col. Potter finds it harder and harder to concentrate in surgery, and fears he is losing his touch. Afraid that he may be doing more harm than good, he reaches out to Army psychiatrist Maj. Sidney Freedman to find a solution.

Where There's a will, There's a War

Episode: 235 | Aired: February 22, 1982

An aid station close to the 4077th is under fire and in desperate need of a new surgeon. Hawkeye goes to help and fears he will die in the heavy shelling. Determined not to die without making out a will, he hastily scratches out his wishes.

Promotion Commotion

Episode: 236 | Aired: March 01, 1982

Charles, Hawkeye and B.J. must evaluate who to put up for promotion and all the enlisted men begin to compete for their attention. Klinger goes from Corporal to Sergeant.


Episode: 237 | Aired: March 15, 1982

The eyes of the world are on the 4077th when a world famous boxer suffers a stroke while visiting the camp. A firestorm of publicity swirls around Hawkeye after he saves Gentleman Joe Cavanagh.

Sons and Bowlers

Episode: 238 | Aired: March 22, 1982

Col. Potter wishes there was one sport the 4077th could beat the Marines at. When he hears Klinger has a way with the pins, he puts together a bowling team. Hawkeye is stunned by the news that his father is undergoing a serious operation back in the States. This leads to a rare sentimental moment between him and Charles, when Charles speaks longingly of a closer relationship with his own father.

Picture This

Episode: 239 | Aired: April 05, 1982

Hawkeye moves out of The Swamp and swears hell never again room with B.J. and Charles. His new digs, a ramshackle hut behind Rosies, gives him quick access to the bar and a respite from his annoying tent mates. In his absence, B.J. and Charles turn on each other with a vengeance. Col. Potter needs a truce to last long enough for him to paint a portrait of the 4077th.

That Darn Kid

Episode: 240 | Aired: April 12, 1982

The appearance of a gypsy peddler sets mayhem in motion at the 4077th. Klinger buys a goat so he can sell its milk, and Charles gets into a bidding war with B.J. over a vase he believes is an ancient artifact. Hawkeye has pulled payroll duty, but a new group of wounded arrive while he is counting cash. Klinger leaves the goat in the office, and guess what happens to roughly twenty thousand dollars?