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Allan Arbus

Dr. Sidney Freedman

Actor Allan Arbus is best known for his role as Major Sidney Theodore Freedman, the Army psychiatrist assigned to the 4077th on the hit television series M*A*S*H. His character provided much need advice and counsel to the troops and was a key component to morale and stability for the doctors and nurses at war.

Arbus was born in New York City, February 15, 1918. He was married to noted photographer Diane Arbus 1941-1959. The two operated a photography business, Diane & Allan Arbus, prior to his career in acting.

His acting career began to take shape in 1972 with the lead role in Robert Downey Sr.'s cult film Greaser's Palace. This role led to his recurring with M*A*S*H. Over the years he appeared in various other television and film projects.

Character Bio

Major Sidney Theodore Freedman, is an Army psychiatrist frequently summoned to the 4077th in times of crisis and stress. Freedman realizes he works as much with the doctors and nurses as with the patients.

Equal parts psychiatrist and morale restorer, Freedman relieves the doctors and nurses of their guilt, reminding them they are only human. He has a skill for finding the real meaning behind their inner-demons and serving as a voice of reason.

Feeling a connection with the 4077th, they are the antidotes he needs when one of his patients commits suicide Dr. Freedman brings the 4077th relief and clarity in time of war. Little do they know the feeling is mutual.