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Little House on the Prairie

Victor French

Isaiah Edwards

Victor French was the son of a movie stuntman, born Dec. 4, 1934 in Santa Barbara, Calif. He began his film career with a small role in the motion picture Lassie. A staple in Western films, French used his grand stature and rough exterior to his benefit by playing the ever-present bad guy. With recurring roles on Gunsmoke and Bonanza, French developed a close friendship with his co-star Michael Landon, who took the bad guy out of French's acting repertoire and cast him as the lovable and faithful farmer Isaiah Edwards in Little House on the Prairie. For six seasons, French played the role of confidant and best friend to Landon's character in the highly successful series.

French departed the drama to star in his own short-lived comedy, Carter Country. But with the cancelation of his sitcom, French returned to Little House until the series ended in 1983. He didn't wait long for his next acting gig. Devoted friend Landon cast his buddy as ex-cop Mark Gordon in his new show, Highway to Heaven. In his role as a disgruntled former Oakland police officer working with an angel to help people live better lives, French once again was able to display his compassionate side. The show was well received and audiences welcomed a program with an endearing spiritual theme. Unfortunately, French's success in showbiz ended on June 15, 1989, when he passed away after completing the final season of Highway.

Character Bio

Mountain man, Isaiah Edwards is the best friend of Charles Ingall. With a rough physical exterior, Isaiah is a genuine gentile giant. He's hard working and gifted in welding with remarkable abilities to work with lumber. As an unofficial family member, Isaiah is a constant fixture within the Ingall household. Laura and Mary truly love him and consider him as the uncle they never had. Isaiah is loyal and loving and if anyone dares to harm the Ingall family, they can be sure that Isaiah will be there to defend their honor.