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Little House on the Prairie

Jonathan Gilbert

Willie Oleson

Jonathan Gilbert was born July 10, 1968. As the brother of Melissa and Sara Gilbert, Jonathan naturally evolved into show business. Without a lot of previous experience, he was cast as the bratty yet adorable Willie Oleson on Little House on the Prairie (and being the brother of the lead in the series didn't hurt!). But outside of the hit drama with the four Little House TV movies and a small part in another one of Melissa's projects, The Miracle Worker, Jonathan never quite conquered Hollywood. But he did go on to pursue a successful career as a New York stockbroker.

Character Bio

Willie Oleson is the bratty youngest child of the wealthy Olesons. A less than average student, Willie is the ringleader of many school pranks. His less than perfect behavior keeps him in trouble with his schoolteacher and many of the townspeople of Walnut Grove. A compassionate snob, Willie is not an elitist like his mother and big sister Nellie. Though they work hard at cultivating his haughty beliefs and disapprove of fraternizing with the Ingalls, Willie has few discriminating thoughts when it comes to practical jokes and boyhood mischief.