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Little House on the Prairie

Alison Arngrim

Nellie Oleson

New York native Alison Arngrim was born Jan. 18, 1962. For seven years, Arngrim excelled in her role as Walnut Grove's favorite bad girl, Nellie Oleson on Little House on the Prairie. Though she originally auditioned for the roles of Laura and Mary Ingalls, she won the role she seemed born to play. Audiences and critics alike enjoyed her performance as the spoiled town bully. Since the series bowed in 1983, Arngrim has appeared in a variety of TV and film projects including I Married Wyatt Earp (1983), For the Love of May (2000) and The Last Place on Earth (2002).

Aside from acting, Arngrim is a devoted AIDS activist. Since 1986, she has been a staunch advocate and volunteer for AIDS Project Los Angeles (APLA) and other community organizations. For over four years, Arngrim acted as program manager and board member for Tuesday's Child. Her staunch dedication has not gone unnoticed; Arngrim has been awarded with numerous honors and awards for her hard work. APLA honored her with the "Friend in Deed" award and she was given a resolution by the city of Los Angeles City Council for her work with people living with HIV and AIDS.

Character Bio

Nellie Oleson is Walnut Grove's richest and best-dressed young girl in town. She's also the most spoiled, unpleasant and disrespectful girl as well. As the daughter of wealthy Oleson family, Nellie is used to having her way. Her mother, Harriet, insists on it. And when things go her way, everyone can be certain that Nellie will brag about it. Her condescending behavior makes her the least favorite with the boys. But Nellie doesn't worry about not being popular. She believes she's the envy of all the schoolgirls, all but Laura. Nellie thinks that Laura's impoverished upbringing is something to pity. It doesn't matter to her that Laura is smart, well-liked and comes from a respected family. According to Nellie and her mother, the Ingalls are beneath the Olesons. But Nellie is no match for Laura. She insists that she and her family are worthy of respect while Nellie contends they're not. The robust personalities are both young girls are sure to lead to a showdown.