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Leave it to Beaver

Wally Goes Steady

Episode: 157 | Aired: October 06, 1961

Ward is shocked one day in the golf club locker room when Bill Boothby hints that they might be hearing wedding bells soon since his daughter Evelyn and Wally have been dating. This worries Ward because this is the first time he has even heard about it; June and Ward hope that Wally will realize that marriage is not something to be taken lightly.

No Time For Babysitters

Episode: 158 | Aired: October 13, 1961

June and Ward have decided that Beaver is too old to have a baby-sitter, so Beaver brags about it to all his friends. However, one Friday night they decide that he does indeed need one, and so Judy comes over to watch him. He is embarrassed because he knows that his friends will come over to see if he is lying, and they will think he is. He needs to find a way to hide Judy from his friends when they stop by.

Wally's Car

Episode: 159 | Aired: October 20, 1961

Wally buys his first jalopy for twenty-five dollars. The car lasts long enough to get Wally back to his driveway, and then it dies blocking in Ward's car. Now he has to figure out how to get the car out of the way so his father can get out and go to work.

Beaver's Birthday

Episode: 160 | Aired: November 03, 1961

Beaver decides that he is too old for birthday parties, so his family gives him money instead. His parents suggest he saves the money he receives from relatives, but instead he spends Uncle Billy's gift of ten dollars on a toy model car. His parents find out and tell Beaver that if he had just asked their permission to get the car, they would have said yes.

Beaver's Cat Problem

Episode: 161 | Aired: November 10, 1961

Beaver finds Mrs. Prentiss's cat Bootsie and holds it until Mrs. Prentiss comes to claim the cat. However, Beaver fed the cat salmon, not realizing that wherever the cat is fed it will always return. He has to figure out a way to get the cat to stop coming to his house.

Wally's Weekend Job

Episode: 162 | Aired: November 17, 1961

Eddie is jealous of Wally's new job at the soda fountain, so he decides to set him up. Eddie poses as Mr. Rogers and pretends to order six quarts of ice cream for his daughter's slumber party. When Wally shows up Mr. Rogers throws him out telling him he doesn't appreciate his tricks. When Wally finds out it was Eddie who tricked him, he dumps two of the melted quarts over Eddie's head.

Beaver Takes A Drive

Episode: 163 | Aired: November 24, 1961

Beaver accidentally releases the emergency brake in Ward's car, and it rolls out into the street. Wally sees the mess and moves the car out of the street, but a police officer sees Wally driving and asks him for his license. Wally doesn't have one and so he gets a ticket.

Wally's Big Date

Episode: 164 | Aired: December 01, 1961

Mayfield High is having an exchange dance with a nearby high school. Wally's date is Majorie Muller, whom he has never met. Eddie convinces Wally to switch dates with him, and Wally is embarrassed when he finds out his new date is a few inches taller than him. It works out in the end because his new date wears flats and they are able to see eye to eye.

Beaver's Ice Skates

Episode: 165 | Aired: December 05, 1961

Beaver is finally allowed to go the store and buy his own pair of ice skates. The store doesn't have his size, so he decides to buy a pair of skates that are three sizes too big. When he goes back with Wally to try and get a refund, the man refuses to give it to him.

Weekend Invitation

Episode: 166 | Aired: December 15, 1961

Wally is invited to spend a weekend at a lake cottage with a bunch of guys, and his parents against their better judgment let him go. Wally then learns that Scott's parents won't be supervising the trip. Before Wally can tell his parents the truth, they find out and forbid him to go.

Beaver's English Test

Episode: 167 | Aired: December 22, 1961

Ward asks Wally to tutor Beaver and Gilbert because they are struggling in English class. Wally gets very frustrated when the boys cannot grasp any concepts, so he gives them one of his old exams to learn from. The boys memorize it and do really well on the test the next day.

Wally's Chauffeur

Episode: 168 | Aired: December 29, 1961

Wally and Evelyn are going to a high school dance, but he can't find them a ride anywhere. She tells him not to worry, and on the night of the dance she drives. Wally is mortified and gets a lot of abuse from his friends when they see them pulling up with Evelyn driving.

Beaver's First Date

Episode: 169 | Aired: January 05, 1962

Beaver asks Betsy Patterson on a date, the first time he has ever asked a girl out. Everything goes well until Betsy asks another boy to dance and leaves Beaver to entertain himself. He finds Whitey and Gilbert and they all hang out until the dance was over. Beaver decides he isn't ready for another date for quite some time.

Ward's Golf Clubs

Episode: 170 | Aired: January 12, 1962

Ward is not having a good golfing day after he breaks his driver. He is able to fix it, though, for the time being. Beaver, not knowing what has happened, borrows the driver without asking and breaks it permanently due to peer pressure from his friends. Ward tells Beaver that he has to be careful about letting friends talk him into doing things he knows are wrong.

Farewell To Penny

Episode: 171 | Aired: January 19, 1962

Beaver and Penny always get into brutal fights with each other, and that's why both are in shock when Penny's mother invites Beaver to their farewell party. Surprisingly, they both have a good time at the party and even agree that they like each other. However, once Penny learns that she isn't really leaving school, the two go back to their old fighting ways.

Beaver The Bunny

Episode: 172 | Aired: January 26, 1962

Beaver has to play a bunny for the school pageant, and he is really embarrassed after he sees the costume. However, the climax comes when Beaver is chased by a pack of dogs because of his costume. He concludes that he might be better off being a real animal because no one would ever force him to portray a human being in a pageant.

Beaver's Electric Trains

Episode: 173 | Aired: February 02, 1962

June and Beaver decide that Beaver will give little Jimmy his electric trains because he hasn't played with them in over two years. However, when Beaver takes the trains out to clean them, he gets attached to them all over again and doesn't want to give them away. When Jimmy's sister Georgia goes to Beaver's house to get the trains, he is so spellbound by her beauty that he cannot refuse to give her the trains.

Beaver's Long Night

Episode: 174 | Aired: February 09, 1962

Beaver is allowed to have a sleepover with Gilbert while June and Ward go out, leaving them without a babysitter. The boys get really scared by a gangster movie on television and wind up calling the police to arrest the people walking around the house outside. They accidentally have Lumpy and Bill arrested and have to apologize to their families the next day.

Beaver's Jacket

Episode: 175 | Aired: February 16, 1962

Richard gets a really cool jacket with a leather trim, and Beaver wants the same jacket. At first June and Ward resist, but finally they consent to it. Richard loses his jacket just as Beaver gets his, so the boys decide to share until Richard's turns up.

Nobody Loves Me

Episode: 176 | Aired: February 23, 1962

Beaver tries to clean up his act because his parents yell at him so much, but they don't even notice his efforts. Beaver concludes that he is ugly and unwanted. However, Ward is able to convince Beaver that his parents actually like and respect him now that he is maturing.

Beaver's Fear

Episode: 177 | Aired: March 02, 1962

Beaver is allowed to go an amusement park with Wally and his friends. However, once they arrive there Beaver becomes scared to death because of all the horror stories he hears from Wally's friends about how dangerous the roller coasters are.

Three Boys And A Burro

Episode: 178 | Aired: March 09, 1962

Beaver, Richard, and Gilbert put their funds together and buy a burro named Pepe. Ward agrees as long as the burro doesn't reside at the house. However, Pepe ends up at the Cleavers' and winds up wearing June's new trellis. Ward then insists that the burro must be packed up and shipped away.

Eddie Quits School

Episode: 179 | Aired: March 26, 1962

Eddie drops out of school and decides to work at a garage for eighty dollars a week. At first Eddie loves his new lifestyle because he gets to show off all of his new clothes to Wally. However, Eddie feels left out when Wally is too caught up in his academia to pay any attention to Eddie.

Wally Stays At Lumpy's

Episode: 180 | Aired: March 30, 1962

Wally asks to sleep over Lumpy's the night of Lumpy's party, but Wally's parents insist that he come home at the party's end. However, Lumpy begs Wally to sleep over after he discovers a mysterious stain on the rug, because he knows his parents won't punish him if Wally is there. Wally agrees and decides to pay the consequences later.

Beaver's Laundry

Episode: 181 | Aired: March 30, 1962

Richard is on laundromat duty for his family, and Beaver decides to go along and help. The trip becomes a nightmare when they drop the clothing bundle and have to rescue his father's shorts from a frisky dog. They also wind up losing all their money before they even get to the laundromat.

Lumpy's Car Trouble

Episode: 182 | Aired: April 06, 1962

Ward agrees to let Lumpy drive his car as long as the only people in it are Lumpy, Wally and Beaver. Lumpy decides Eddie has to come along too, but he takes a short cut that is a dirt road. Ward eventually finds out what happens and yells at Wally for disobeying him.

Beaver The Babysitter

Episode: 183 | Aired: April 13, 1962

Beaver decides to baby-sit ten-year-old Patricia for Wally. He pretends to play house, but finds that he actually enjoys the game. He realizes that his friends saw him playing house and that it will be all over school the next day.

The Younger Brother

Episode: 184 | Aired: April 20, 1962

Beaver decides to go out for the basketball team this year, but all the kids tell him that the only reason he made it is because of Wally's superstar reputation. Beaver gets so nervous after hearing this that he plays very poorly, and he doesn't shape up until after Ward tells him it's okay if he isn't the athlete Wally is.

Beaver's Typewriter

Episode: 185 | Aired: April 27, 1962

Beaver convinces his parents to buy him a typewriter because it will help him with his school work. After they do, Beaver has Eddie type his papers for a dollar and he gets good grades because of it. However, he knows this is dishonest and has to do something to fix it.

The Merchant Marine

Episode: 186 | Aired: May 04, 1962

Wally gets in trouble when he comes home late, causing his parents to further worry that he's joining the Merchant Marines. What they don't know is that it's actually Lumpy who's considering the big career move.

Brother Versus Brother

Episode: 187 | Aired: May 11, 1962

Beaver has an instant crush on Mary Tyler. But when he invites her over to play Monopoly, she develops an instant crush for Wally. Wally wants nothing to do with her, but Beaver is hurt and refuses to talk to his brother. Wally finally comes out and tells Mary that she is too young for him to ever date, and then Beaver dumps her for going after Wally. The two brothers make up.

The Yard Birds

Episode: 188 | Aired: May 18, 1962

Beaver and Wally are told to clean up the garage and the yard before the trash hauler comes along. However, they miss their deadline because they are goofing around. So they decide to drop the garbage off in a nearby vacant lot, but get caught and June and Ward are told about the whole thing.

Tennis, Anyone?

Episode: 189 | Aired: May 25, 1962

Wally winds up playing tennis with a beautiful older woman named Carole. Carole has just had a fight with her boyfriend Don and is only using Wally to make Don jealous. When Wally discovers that they have made up, he is crushed and confused.

One Of The Boys

Episode: 190 | Aired: June 01, 1962

Eddie and Wally finally get a chance to join the most exclusive social club in school, the Barons. However, after hanging out with the Barons on a Friday night, Eddie and Wally realize they don't want to be in this club because these guys really aren't who everybody thinks they are.

Sweatshirt Monsters

Episode: 191 | Aired: June 08, 1962

Beaver and two other friends buy shirts with monsters on the front, each more gruesome than the next. Beaver is the only one who tricks his parents and wears his new sweatshirt to school. However, the principal doesn't like it and an angry Ward comes to pick up Beaver.

A Night In The Woods

Episode: 192 | Aired: June 15, 1962

Beaver asks Wally in front of his parents if he will be their guide for a night in the woods. His strategy works and Wally has to take them, but this upsets Eddie. Eddie decides that he will scare Beaver and his friends enough so they won't want to go on the trip at all. However, Eddie gets caught by a forest ranger and gets in trouble before he can carry out his plan.

Long Distance Call

Episode: 193 | Aired: June 22, 1962

The boys have saved up enough money to call Don Drysdale at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles -- long distance. However, they wind up running the bill to $9.35 plus tax. They decide not to tell any of their parents, but Ward and June soon find out because of Kenny's big mouth.

Stocks And Bonds

Episode: 194 | Aired: June 29, 1962

Ward gets the boys to put up twenty-five dollars apiece and invest in the stock market. Ward warns them not to go with Eddie' choice, but in the beginning it seems to be a good pick. However, it winds up crashing and the boys plummet to a measly seventy-five cents.


Episode: 195 | Aired: September 26, 1962

Ward has made reservations for the family vacation at their usual lakeside cabin. This year Wally doesn't want to go because he wants to stay with his girlfriend Lori Anne. He arranges to stay with Eddie so he can be closer to Lori Anne, but at the last minute she tells him that she too has to go away with her family on vacation.