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Leave it to Beaver

Beaver's Poem

Episode: 040 | Aired: October 01, 1958

When Beaver asks his father for help with writing a poem, Ward gets carried away and writes the whole thing for him. Beaver gets in trouble at school because the teacher knows he didn't write it.

Eddie's Girl

Episode: 042 | Aired: October 08, 1958

Eddie's so-called girl Caroline Cunningham falls for Wally the first time she sees him. She asks Wally to the school dance, but he refuses to go. However, June makes a mess of things when she tells Caroline's mother that Wally will in fact go with her to the dance.

Ward's Problem

Episode: 043 | Aired: October 15, 1958

Ward gets himself in trouble with the boys when he promises Wally that he will go on a fishing trip with him, but also promises Beaver that he will go to the father-son school picnic which takes place on the same day.

Beaver And Chuey

Episode: 044 | Aired: October 22, 1958

Beaver has a new friend named Chuey Varela, who only speaks Spanish. Beaver goes to Eddie for help since he took Spanish in school, but Eddie plays a mean joke on Beaver. Instead of telling Beaver nice things to say, Eddie tells Beaver how to say 'you have the face of a pig.'

Lost Watch

Episode: 041 | Aired: October 29, 1958

When town bully Lumpy accuses Beaver of stealing his watch, Beaver gets scared that he might go to jail -- and takes out $25 from his savings account to replace the watch that he didn't steal.

Her Idol

Episode: 045 | Aired: November 05, 1958

Beaver's friends make fun of him when they spot him climbing a tree with Linda Dennison, a girl in one of his classes.

Beaver's Ring

Episode: 046 | Aired: November 12, 1958

Aunt Martha gives Beaver a family heirloom ring, which he is told not to wear to school. Instead of wearing it on his finger, he ties it to a string and wears it around his belt loop. It eventually becomes stuck on his finger, and Wally tells Beaver the only way to get it off is to cut it.

The Shave

Episode: 047 | Aired: November 19, 1958

Wally is upset because he feels he is the only boy in school who isn't shaving yet. After he attempts to shave himself and nicks his own face, his father yells at him. Ward thinks this will discourage Wally from wanting to shave, but it actually encourages him.

The Pipe

Episode: 048 | Aired: November 26, 1958

Larry and Beaver find an antique pipe and decide to smoke it, even though they aren't supposed to smoke until they are 21. Since they have no tobacco, they fill the pipe with coffee grounds and make a mess of the pipe. They allow Wally to take the blame for their actions.

Wally's New Suit

Episode: 049 | Aired: December 03, 1958

Wally convinces his parents to let him go to the Prep Shop to buy a new suit for himself, but they regret the decision when he comes home with a loud plaid suit.

School Play

Episode: 050 | Aired: December 10, 1958

Beaver is excited to learn that he will be playing the part of the yellow canary in the third grade school play. However, the night of the performance, Beaver gets a bad case of stage fright.

The Visiting Aunts

Episode: 051 | Aired: December 17, 1958

The boys plan to attend the carnival in town, but their plan has to change when they learn that Aunt Martha is coming for lunch.

Happy Weekend

Episode: 052 | Aired: December 24, 1958

Ward takes the family camping for the weekend at Shadow Lake. The boys would rather stay home and watch the new movie 'Jungle Fever,' but Ward insists they will all have fun camping. Ward becomes upset with the boys when he learns that they have left the campsite to go see the movie.

Wally's Present

Episode: 053 | Aired: December 31, 1958

Beaver was going to buy Wally a camera for $6.50, but instead becomes selfish and buys a bow and arrow set for himself.

The Grass Is Always Greener

Episode: 054 | Aired: January 07, 1959

Beaver and Wally learn a valuable lesson after they become friends with two young boys who have less than they do.

The Boat Builders

Episode: 055 | Aired: January 14, 1959

A few of the neighborhood boys build a boat and bring it to Miller's Pond where they decide to see how it floats. Only Beaver fits in the boat, and after they launch him, it capsizes.

Beaver Plays Hooky

Episode: 056 | Aired: January 21, 1959

Larry and Beaver are late for school for the third time in one week. They are afraid of Miss Landers, their teacher, so instead of going late, they skip school altogether. They soon learn that playing hooky will get them in more trouble than being late.

The Garage Painters

Episode: 057 | Aired: January 28, 1959

After the boys agree to paint the garage door, the only one who actually gets paint poured all over him is little Benjie Bellamy.

Wally's Pug Nose

Episode: 058 | Aired: February 04, 1959

Wally is embarrassed by his pug nose, and so he avoids Gloria, the girl he likes at school. When she asks Wally to be her date at a school dance, he asks why Gloria would choose him. She says it is because of his cute nose.

Beaver's Pigeons

Episode: 059 | Aired: February 11, 1959

Beaver decides he wants pigeons as his new pets. However, as soon as the birds are brought home from the pet store, Beaver gets the chicken pox and is not allowed near them. His luck only becomes worse when he finds out that a cat terrorized his new pets.

The Tooth

Episode: 060 | Aired: February 18, 1959

Beaver becomes frightened when he finds out the dentist is going to drill his tooth. He has heard horror stories from his friends about how much it hurts. Beaver starts to scream when he gets in the dentists chair, but the dentist tells Beaver that he will give him every toy in the toy box if the drilling hurts.

Beaver Gets Adopted

Episode: 061 | Aired: February 25, 1959

Beaver becomes jealous that Wally won a trophy at school and accidentally breaks it. Although he tries to glue it back together he is unsuccessful, and his parents scold him. Beaver becomes upset with this and goes to an adoption agency where he requests new parents.

The Haunted House

Episode: 062 | Aired: March 04, 1959

Beaver believes that Miss Cooper is a witch who lives in a haunted house on the way to his school. He is alarmed when June tells Miss Cooper that he will walk her dog every day. Beaver refuses to do the job because he is scared of her, but when he runs into the old woman at the pet store he changes his mind.

The Bus Ride

Episode: 063 | Aired: March 11, 1959

Wally escorts Beaver to Billy Payton's house for the weekend, about 90 miles away from Mayfield. Wally and Beaver stop to get refreshments, but wind up getting on two different buses. Beaver gets on the bus that heads home, while his brother gets on a bus headed for Crystal Falls.

Beaver And Gilbert

Episode: 064 | Aired: March 18, 1959

Gilbert Bates moves in across the street from the Cleavers and becomes one of Beaver's new best friends. However, because of all the lies Gilbert tells, Beaver and Gilbert get into a fight and must learn to work things out.

The Price Of Fame

Episode: 065 | Aired: March 25, 1959

Beaver stays after school one day to snoop around his teacher's office and make sure she doesn't keep a spanking machine in her desk. He becomes satisfied when he doesn't find one, but manages to lock himself in the principal's office.

A Horse Named Nick

Episode: 066 | Aired: April 01, 1959

Wally and Beaver work at a carnival that has come to town for a little while. Their parents warn them to make sure that they get paid before the carnival leaves town. Instead of giving the boys money, the carnival gives the two boys a tired old horse named Nick.

Beaver's Hero

Episode: 067 | Aired: April 08, 1959

After realizing that his father was in the war with President Eisenhower, Beaver brags about his father to all of his classmates the next day. He says he will bring in some mementos to show the kids who don't believe him, but when he goes to look for something, he learns that his father was an engineer who built bases and didn't fight during the war. Beaver still thinks his dad is a hero anyway.

Beaver Says Goodbye

Episode: 068 | Aired: April 15, 1959

Ward makes an offer on a house in Madison and Beaver automatically assumes they are moving, so he says good-bye to his classmates and teacher. When Beaver finds out that they are in fact staying, he doesn't quite know how to tell his friends.

Beaver's Newspaper

Episode: 069 | Aired: April 22, 1959

Larry and Beaver find Wally's broken typewriter in the garage and decide to have it fixed. They start typing their own newspaper called 'The Maple Drive News,' but problems arise when June makes Wally and Beaver work together on the newspaper.

Beaver's Sweater

Episode: 070 | Aired: April 29, 1959

Beaver begs his parents to let him buy an 'Eskimo' sweater that he sees in a store window. His parents finally agree to it, and Beaver wears the sweater the next day to school. Problems arise when Beaver sees Judy wearing the same exact sweater.


Episode: 071 | Aired: May 06, 1959

Beaver and Larry have a fight. Ward tells Beaver of the story about Pythias and Damon and the boys make up and swear they will die for each other. However, Larry takes advantage of Beaver after making this deal, and Ward has to explain to Beaver that Larry isn't being a very good friend right now.

Dance Contest

Episode: 072 | Aired: May 13, 1959

Mary Ellen Rogers takes Wally to the Mayfield Cotillion and enters the two in a cha-cha dance contest. Wally is too afraid to tell Mary that he doesn't know how to cha-cha, so he buys a record that he hopes will teach him. However, he gets into trouble when he accidentally breaks the record.

Wally's Hair Comb

Episode: 073 | Aired: May 20, 1959

Wally gives himself a strapping new hair style that his parents absolutely hate. They beg Wally to get rid of it, but he refuses because it was inspired by Eddie. The last straw, however, is when Beaver copies Wally's hairdo and wants to wear the new look to school.

The Cookie Fund

Episode: 074 | Aired: May 27, 1959

Beaver and Larry are convinced by Roger Delacy to give him part of the cookie fund for his starving sister. He promises to pay the boys back the next day. However, the next day Roger denies ever taking the money and says that his gang will beat up Beaver and Larry if they say anything.

Forgotten Party

Episode: 075 | Aired: June 03, 1959

Beaver is invited to David Manning's birthday party, and he promises to be there. However, the day of the party Beaver is nowhere to be found because he has forgotten about the party.

Beaver The Athlete

Episode: 076 | Aired: June 10, 1959

Beaver comes home with a D in gym class on his report card, and his parents are very upset. Beaver decides to play baseball where the teams are the boys vs. the girls, and Judy is the best player. It becomes a personal battle between Beaver and Judy on the day of the big game because Beaver wants to prove to everyone that he really can be a good athlete.

Found Money

Episode: 077 | Aired: June 17, 1959

Larry has no money to go to the carnival with, and his mother won't give him any. She told him if he found money that he could go to the carnival. So, Larry takes some of his mother's money, throws it out the window and 'finds' it.

Most Interesting Character

Episode: 078 | Aired: June 24, 1959

Beaver's assignment in school is to write about the most interesting character he has known. Wally suggests that Beaver write about his father, and so Beaver follows his father around all day taking notes. After he realized that this isn't working, Beaver decides to write about what Ward means to him rather than just what he does for a living.