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Leave it to Beaver

Tony Dow

Wallace "Wally" Cleaver

Tony Dow won the role of Wally Cleaver in a casting cattle call with almost no previous acting experience (although his mother, Muriel Montrose, had appeared in a number of Our Gang shorts). Dow's post-Beaver years were busy with roles on a number of TV shows, including the soaps Never Too Young and General Hospital. He also had guest spots on many 1960's shows like Mr. Novak and Dr. Kildare. Dow eventually went into the construction business in addition to studying journalism and filmmaking. In recent years he has acted occasionally (most notably in Beaver reunions), and has become quite successful behind the scenes as a producer and director. He has directed episodes of USA Network's series Cover Me: Based on the True Life of an FBI Family.

Character Bio

Handsome, smart, athletic and courteous, Wally is quite popular and has plenty of friends. His best friend, however, is his brother, Beaver. In true teenage fashion, Wally is primarily concerned with dating and track meets. But he always finds time for his family responsibilities, which include getting his flaky brother out of many a jam.