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Leave it to Beaver

Ken Osmond

Eddie Haskell

Can you imagine being pulled over by Eddie Haskell? If you were driving on the freeways of Los Angeles in the 1970s, it actually might have happened. After playing Wally's opportunistic pal Eddie, Ken Osmond went on to become an L.A. motorcycle traffic cop. He remained on the police force for several years, eventually returning to acting with appearances on Happy Days and the TV movie High School USA, and featured roles in the movie and the series Still the Beaver.

Character Bio

Eddie Haskell is nothing short of an operator. He's all talk and attitudeĀ—in other words, a real creep. He's as oily in his politeness to adults as he is weaselly in his dealings with his peers. Eddie sticks like glue to popular Wally, although they couldn't be more different.