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Leave it to Beaver

Jerry Mathers

Theodore "Beaver" Cleaver

At the tender age of nine, Jerry Mathers had already acted in six films, including Alfred Hitchcock's The Trouble with Harry. His debut had been a few years earlier at age two when he appeared on The Ed Wynn Show. The show's producers claimed that Mathers won the role of Beaver Cleaver because he asked to leave his audition to go to a Cub Scouts meeting. In the years following Beaver, Mathers managed to keep himself busy finishing high school, going to college and playing with his band, Beaver and the Trappers. Mathers stared in Still the Beaver and a syndicated series, The New Leave It to Beaver. Mathers released an autobiography in 1998.

Character Bio

Theodore "Beaver" Cleaver is pretty much your average, slightly hyperactive, but impossibly cute kid. Beaver's friendly, inquisitive nature gets him into a lot of trouble. He's pretty gullible, so he's often mixed up in some pretty kooky jams. Beaver has a lot of friends and if his brother's friends see him as a runt, Beaver doesn't mind because Wally almost always comes to his defense.