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Leave it to Beaver

Hugh Beaumont

Ward Cleaver

An ordained minister with a Master of Theology degree, Beaumont appeared in over three dozen feature films before being cast as Ward Cleaver. Not only did he act in Leave It to Beaver, but he also wrote and directed several episodes. After Beaver went off the air, Beaumont appeared in many community theater productions and did a few guest roles on shows like Mannix, Wagon Train and Petticoat Junction. He was forced to slow down after suffering a stroke in 1972. Beaumont died 10 years later while on vacation in Munich.

Character Bio

Ward Cleaver is a responsible businessman and an even more responsible parent. Ward doesn't gloat when he’s right and will always admit when he's wrong. He loves his family, and shows it by being attentive and levelheaded. Ward grew up on a farm and had a grandfather who was a Civil War hero. He became president of his fraternity at State College (which he attended with bride-to-be June Bronson) and was an engineer with the Seabees during World War II.