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Leave it to Beaver

About Leave it to Beaver

One of the most popular series in TV history, Leave It to Beaver stood out from the flock during TV's golden age. While most Beaver contemporaries, like The Donna Reed Show and The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet, were star-driven vehicles in which the kids were merely supporting players, in Leave It to Beaver, the action centered on the Cleaver boys: 7-year-old Theodore 'Beaver' Cleaver and his 12-year-old brother Wally.

The lasting charm of Leave It to Beaver can be attributed to its timeless story lines. Though the original series left primetime in September 1963, it has remained a regular in reruns ever since. In the early 1980s, Leave It to Beaver experienced a resurgence in popularity that resulted in Beaver Cleaver fever. Wally and The Beav suddenly found themselves on Kellogg's Cornflakes boxes, as well as the subject of a number of books. A reunion movie, Still the Beaver, was produced, and led to a syndicated series reuniting many of the show's original cast members.

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