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Kirstie Highlight: The Dinner Party

Maddie attempts to impress Arlo's new girlfriend and her snobby parents. But when one of them catches onto her charade, secrets get revealed. (2:23)

Kirstie Highlight: Maddie's Agent

Maddie's attempt to fire her manager Stanford (Jason Alexander) doesn't go exactly as planned. In hopes of creating a fake "conflict of interest," Maddie seduces him. (2:09)

Kirstie Highlight: Thelma's Ex

Kirstie and Thelma's ex-husband, Duke (George Wendt), clash when he shows up for a visit. (1:52)

Kirstie Highlight: When They Met

Thelma tells the story of how they all met during a bank robbery many years ago to get Maddies mind off of her potential Tony nomination. It is through this story that they realize how lucky they are to have one another. (2:35)

Kirstie Highlight: Maddie vs. Maddie

After the real Maddie (Kristen Johnston) finds out that the other Maddie (Kirstie Alley) stole her audition and got the part that catapulted her into stardom, the real Maddie demands they audition against each other for the same role to see who really deserved to be a star. (2:22)

Kirstie Highlight: Like a Virgin

After Maddie discovers Arlo's a virgin, she agrees to let her ambitious understudy, Brittany (Kristin Chenoweth), go onstage for her in return for a favor. (1:31)

Kirstie Highlight: Mickey and Maddie

After firing the stagehand, Mickey (John Travolta), Maddie consoles him with a one-night stand- then can't get rid of him. (1:57)

Kirstie Highlight: The Girl Next Door

When Maddie finds out Kathy Griffin may be buying the penthouse next door, she goes to great lengths to restake her claim as the only celebrity in the building. (2:25)

Kirstie Highlight: Little Bummer Boy

After Arlo brings Maddie's estranged mother around for the holidays, they have no choice but to spend time together whether they like it or not. (1:50)

Kirstie Highlight: Arlo's Birthday

On their first birthday together, Maddies constantly reminded of how great Arlos adopted mother was. Maddie feels she cannot relate to Arlo only to find out that they have a very special something in common. (2:34)

Kirstie Highlight: Pilot

Arlo's unexpected visit reveals Maddie's feelings toward Arlo. (2:26)

Kirstie Highlight: Arlo Moves In

Maddie records over Arlo's adopted dead mother's birthday card. (2:12)

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Kirstie TV Schedule

April 23
Arlo's Birthday
After hearing Arlo's karaoke talent at his birthday party, Maddie is thrilled to find a connection with him and decides to make him a star. Against his wishes, she pulls some strings to try to set him up with a record producer.

More From Kirstie

More From Kirstie

About Kirstie

After a lifetime of unbridled hedonism drinking and sleeping her way up and down Broadway Tony winning diva Madison Banks (Kirstie Alley) is confronted by something far more shocking than her usual opening night key parties: Arlo Barth, the son (Eric Petersen) she gave up for adoption 26 years ago. Maddie has played countless roles on stage, but one part shes not fit to play is anyones mother. Racked with guilt and completely out of her element, Maddie almost denies her son a second time how can an acclaimed actress and noted head case like Maddie possibly relate to a Jersey donut maker? But with the help of her long-suffering assistant and best friend Thelma Katz (Rhea Pearlman) and her eccentric chauffeur Frank Baxter (Michael Richards), Maddie realizes that Arlo is a diamond in the rough and invites him to move into her Park Avenue condo. As Thelma and Frank show Arlo the ropes of Maddies uninhibited, unapologetic and occasionally unhinged life and tries to build a new one of his own in Manhattan this new makeshift family learns that its newest member isnt the only gem that could use a little polish.