The King of Queens

Mammary Lane

Episode: 106 | Aired:

Carrie agrees to babysit for Mr. Kaplan in hopes of getting on his good side. Mr. Kaplan's son can't stop grabbing Carrie. Doug tries to make a worker at a bowling alley feel good by talking to her, and she thinks he is stalking her.

Connect Four

Episode: 110 | Aired:

Carrie wins four free company seats to Knicks games and decides to invite her friend and her husband to go with her and Doug. When Doug hates her husband, Carrie agrees to invite Eddie and his girlfriend, who she ends up hating. They decide they need to break the two groups up and create a new couple to do things with.

Animal Attraction

Episode: 117 | Aired:

It's Valentine's Day and Doug has to deliver penguins to a zoo together with Deacon. Meanwhile, Carrie and Hollie are trying to get a date for Hollie and even Arthur and Spence are looking out for love.

Cowardly Lyin'

Episode: 119 | Aired:

Doug and Carrie try to improve their relationship after a fight. Doug promises to stop lying to Carrie, while she tries to be nicer to Doug and stop threatening him with death every time she's mad at him.

Clothes Encounters

Episode: 122 | Aired:

Doug and Carrie buy presents. Doug gets himself a harmonica and Carrie buys herself an expensive leather jacket. Doug is shocked and he wants Carrie to take the jacket back to the store. But when she finds out that she could have kept the clothing for another seven days and get a refund, Carrie thinks up a plan to get new clothes and return them to the store in time, without paying a dime.

Queens'bro Bridge

Episode: 120 | Aired:

When Doug finds out Arthur has a half-brother named Skitch, with whom Arthur owns a house, he wants Arthur to move in with him. What Doug doesn't know is that Arthur always got picked on by Skitch and apparently things haven't changed that much over the years.

Taste Buds

Episode: 124 | Aired:

Doug gets upset with Carrie when he finds out that she always lets Arthur have his way, until he finds out he can use this ability in his own advantage to get food, watch the shows he wants and various other things.

Flash Photography

Episode: 108 | Aired:

Doug gets bored at a wedding and decides to take a picture of his "area" with a disposable camera. When the bride and groom see the picture they think it was Danny, and they have a big fight, which makes Doug feel guilty.

Mentalo Case

Episode: 111 | Aired:

Carrie is trying to get her dad the perfect gift for Christmas. Doug wants to buy a toy that is a collector's item for himself and Deacon wants it too.

Loaner Car

Episode: 112 | Aired:

Doug agrees to let Deacon borrow Carrie to make Thanksgiving dinner for his family, but when Deacon decides Holly is a better cook things start to get ugly.

Window Pain

Episode: 101 | Aired:

A new couple moves in next to Doug and Carrie, and Carrie worries that they made a bad first impression when she realizes that they heard them fighting. So she decides to invite them over to dinner.

Arthur, Spooner

Episode: 102 | Aired:

Carrie has to work the night shift at her law-firm with a group of morons. Doug doesn't get to see her anymore, so he starts spending time with Arthur.

Kirbed Enthusiasm

Episode: 103 | Aired:

Deacon asks Doug to help coach his son's football team, and Doug ends up being dared to try out for a semi-pro team.

Holy Mackerel

Episode: 104 | Aired:

Doug and Carrie run into Father McAndrew at a fish store. He says he would like to see them in church sometime, and Doug says they will go. While praying in church, Carrie prays for her promotion and gets it. Then she starts praying for everything, such as discounts on shoes. Doug is against it at first, but then prays for football. Arthur is also having an open house while they are gone to see if somebody will buy the house for a lot of money.

Jung Frankenstein

Episode: 105 | Aired:

Carrie thinks that Doug should go to therapy to find what is making him overeat. When it starts to work, Carrie starts telling the therapist specific things she wants him to change.

Business Affairs

Episode: 107 | Aired:

Doug goes to Carrie's office and meets her "work husband". He gets jealous of how close the two of them are, even though Curt is gay. Carrie says Curt is just like Deacon is to Doug and then Doug and Carrie compete to see who can spend more time with their "work spouse".

Flame Resistant

Episode: 109 | Aired:

Doug's mother comes to visit, and Doug runs into an old girlfriend, Margy. Carrie gets jealous when Doug's mother starts spending time with Margy, and Doug tries to prove to Margy that he wrote a song about her back in high school.

Golden Moldy

Episode: 113 | Aired:

Doug and Carrie get an offer from their friends to go to the Caribbean with them. Meanwhile, Arthur discovers that the basement has a mold problem.

S'Poor House

Episode: 114 | Aired:

Doug and Carrie have to get $12,000 together to get rid of the mold problem in the basement. They try to get the loan from Doug's father. Arthur wants to help them out as well and tries to get the money from Spence's mom.

Attention Deficit

Episode: 115 | Aired:

Doug becomes obsessed with throwing a great Super Bowl party when he finds out most of his friends are going to another party. Carrie doesn't think that Doug thinks about her enough during the day, and Doug has to prove he thinks about her, while trying to throw the best party.

Steve Moscow

Episode: 116 | Aired:

To get rid of the mold in their house, Doug and Carrie hire a group of Russians to remove the mold from their house.

Prints Charming

Episode: 118 | Aired:

Doug & Carrie accidentally get the pictures of a couple called the Hofferman's. They see that the couple is doing things such as scuba diving & mountain climbing, so Carrie decides that her and Doug should start being more active.

Driving Reign

Episode: 121 | Aired:

Danny wants Doug to write him a letter of recommendation so he can become a driver at IPS. Carrie writes it for him and has Doug sign it, but trouble comes when Doug might just lose his job to Danny, when it turns out Danny is a better driver.

Bed Spread

Episode: 123 | Aired:

Doug manages to break the bed when he gets on it, and now Doug and Carrie have no bed. They order a new one and have to spend the next couple of days in separate beds (which they really enjoy). Arthur discovers that Lou Ferrigno gossips about everybody so he starts hiding to make sure Lou doesn't get any dirt on him.

Dog Shelter

Episode: 125 | Aired:

During a visit to Doug's parents, Carrie finds out that they have been lying to him since his childhood, because they wanted to protect Doug. Meanwhile at home, Spence introduces his new girlfriend to his mother. Arthur is present to fill up awkward silences, but maybe that wasn't such a great idea.