The King of Queens

Queasy Rider

Episode: 026 | Aired:

Doug gets a motorcycle, which causes a fight. Doug sells the motorcycle and tells Carrie he sold it because of her, but really he decided he hates it, and Carrie feels guilty.

Female Problems

Episode: 027 | Aired:

Carrie doesn't have many friends, so Doug finds her one, but then Carrie starts spending too much time with her.

Assaulted Nuts

Episode: 028 | Aired:

Doug is goofing off at work, and ends up with a staple in his "area". He has to suffer through the pain while at a meeting with a banker because of an argument with Carrie.

Parent Trapped

Episode: 029 | Aired:

Deacon and Kelly ask Doug and Carrie to become godparents.

Dire Strayts

Episode: 030 | Aired:

Doug and Carrie invite Ray and Debra Barone over for dinner. When the TV starts having reception problems Doug goes to fix and and gets stuck in the attic.

Soft Touch

Episode: 047 | Aired:

Tim Sacksky convinces Doug to join his water filter selling business. It turns out to be nothing more than a pyramid scheme and Carrie wants Doug to go get his money back, but Doug still thinks he can make money.

Restaurant Row

Episode: 048 | Aired:

Doug takes Carrie to an Italian restaurant he found, but Carrie thinks the waiter was rude to her and forbids Doug to go again. Doug loves the restaurant, so he decides to sneak behind her back.

Flower Power

Episode: 050 | Aired:

Doug shows Carrie he can still be romantic, and Arthur get jury duty.

The Whine Country

Episode: 049 | Aired:

Doug and Carrie can't decide what to do about their vacation.

Doug Out

Episode: 031 | Aired:

Doug calls Arthur a demented old circus monkey and Arthur overhears it. Later Carrie is doing an impression of him and he walks in on that. To make up for it Doug decides to bring Arthur to a Mets game he won tickets for after being named employee of the month. While trying to make Arthur happy both Carrie and Doug wind up in jail.

Tube Stakes

Episode: 032 | Aired:

Carrie leaves the garage door open and Doug's TV gets stolen.

Get Away

Episode: 033 | Aired:

Doug, Carrie, Deacon, and Kelly go on a vacation together. While at the hotel, Doug and Carrie find out that Deacon and Kelly have a more active sex life than them.

Roamin' Holiday

Episode: 034 | Aired:

Carrie's friend and her husband are over for dinner and Carrie invites them to spend Thanksgiving weekend with them. Doug hates her husband, so he convinces Spence to move out and stay with them so Carrie's friends can't.

I, Candy

Episode: 035 | Aired:

A waitress at Cooper's asks about Doug's situation, and Doug decides he should start dressing better.

Sparing Carrie

Episode: 036 | Aired:

Doug's bowling team sponsor is threatening to stop paying if they don't start winning. The only bad player on the team is Carrie, so Doug has to decide if he will replace her to win.

Block Buster

Episode: 038 | Aired:

Doug invites his old football teammates over so they can talk to a reporter about their team. Doug made a championship winning play, but people on the team think another player made it, so Doug tries to prove them wrong.

Frozen Pop

Episode: 039 | Aired:

Cold weather comes and Arthur has to move upstairs. When the weather warms up he stays upstairs, and Doug and Carrie want him back in the basement.

Party Favor

Episode: 040 | Aired:

Carrie tries to convince Doug to be the best man at Danny's wedding.

Fair Game

Episode: 041 | Aired:

Doug catches Carrie cheating at board games, so he tries to find what is making her cheat.

The Shmenkmans

Episode: 042 | Aired:

Doug and Carrie meet a new couple to be friends with. When their schedules get messed up, they invite Deacon and Kelly over at the same time. Then they start to worry that Deacon and Kelly are stealing their friends.

Meet By-Product

Episode: 043 | Aired:

Doug and Carrie think back to the first time they met. Doug was working as a bouncer at a club and Richie convinced Carrie and her friend to go out with them. Carrie was Richie's date, but she hated him, and Doug's date liked Richie.

Wild Cards

Episode: 044 | Aired:

Deacon and Doug go to Atlantic City and Doug loses a lot of money, while Deacon makes a lot. Deacon used money that he was holding for Doug to win the money, so Doug wants some of it.

Surprise Artie

Episode: 045 | Aired:

Doug has to take Arthur out of the house so Carrie can set up for his surprise party for his 75th birthday. While at a restaurant, Doug loses Arthur.

Big Dougie

Episode: 046 | Aired:

When Doug finds out that Deacon is a big brother for a kid, Doug signs up to be one too. But when he gets the kid, he decides he doesn't like him.

Net Prophets

Episode: 037 | Aired:

Doug gets a $3,000 dollar Christmas bonus and Carrie wants to invest it in the stock market. Doug can't handle it and keeps getting nervous when it falls.