The King of Queens

Latest Video Clips

The King of Queens: The Tree Topper Debate

Arthur and Doug butt heads on what should sit on the top of the Christmas Tree. (01:35)

The King of Queens: Turkey For Breakfast

Carrie has some pretty strong opinions about a handicapped turkey. (00:38)

The King of Queens: Supermarket Story

Carrie intends to defrost some frozen dinners for Thanksgiving, but Arthur uses his 'outer voice' to convince her otherwise. (01:47)

The King of Queens: Bar Fight

The guys from Priority Plus and IPS are both after the same table at Cooper's, so they fight for it. (01:48)

The King of Queens: Halloween is Forbidden

Arthur has some reservations about pumpkins and Halloween. (01:58)

About The King of Queens

Every night at 11p on TV Land. Doug Heffernan has a good life with his pretty wife, Carrie, a big TV, and friends to watch it with. Then Carrie's goofy and annoying father Arthur moves in.

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