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The King of Queens


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The King of Queens: The Tree Topper Debate

Arthur and Doug butt heads on what should sit on the top of the Christmas Tree. (01:35)

The King of Queens: Turkey For Breakfast

Carrie has some pretty strong opinions about a handicapped turkey. (00:38)

The King of Queens: Supermarket Story

Carrie intends to defrost some frozen dinners for Thanksgiving, but Arthur uses his 'outer voice' to convince her otherwise. (01:47)

The King of Queens: Bar Fight

The guys from Priority Plus and IPS are both after the same table at Cooper's, so they fight for it. (01:48)

The King of Queens: Halloween is Forbidden

Arthur has some reservations about pumpkins and Halloween. (01:58)

About The King of Queens

Award-winning modern sitcom classic King of Queens first hit the airwaves September 21, 1998. The series ran for nine seasons with Kevin James starring and executive producing. King of Queens is a timeless Queens-borough tale of a wildly dysfunctional household marked by untruths, revenge, sneaking, hate and plotting. Add to the mix, a group of friends that, at times, are the voice of reason and also fan the flames of the most impossible situations this cast of characters get into.

The "king", Doug Heffernan (Kevin James), is a delivery driver who is satisfied with his mediocre job, eating a diet where one of the main food groups is bacon, and creating new ways of telling someone to shut up. His creative versions include “Shutty!”, “Go on back to Shutty-Town.”, and “Shut-it-uppie!”. In the true style of Doug Heffernan, there are also food references including “Shut-it stew” (which is preferably served hot) and “Shut-Up-sicle.” At the end of the day he marvels at the average life life he has created for himself and his beautiful wife, Carrie Heffernan.

Carrie Heffernan (Leah Remini) is a legal assistant in Manhattan, that isn't afraid to speak her mind, loves high-end department stores even though she has a low-end salary and is loyal to a fault. She constantly second-guesses her marriage to Doug and the average life he's provided for her. Carrie wonders what would have become of her life if she had married 'that guy who became a doctor' or finished college if she didn’t have to take care of her unpredictable father Arthur Spooner (Jerry Stiller). Megan Mullally was considered for the role of Carrie Heffernan but decided to take the part of another outspoken character, Karen Walker, on hit show Will & Grace. Coincidentally, the personalities of Carrie Heffernan and Karen Walker are quite similar.

Arthur, Carrie's father, is the incoherent, heavily-medicated and loud court jester. Affectionately called "the old man in the basement," he is the senile, inappropriate and gross step-father that we all know should be in a nursing home.

From avoiding breaking bad news, to tricking your wife into losing weight and secret fantasies gone awry, King of Queens is a modern classic that comically speaks to some part of the truth that we all feel but never express. Much of the series was taped in Queens. Live locations include Cooper's, in Glendale as well as the Heffernan’s neighborhood of Rego Park.

The shows success can be attributed to the incredible comedic timing and physical comedy of Kevin James, Remini's sharp wit and Stiller's off-beat presence. Though the show ended it's run in 2007, it airs daily in syndication around the world.

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