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Just Shoot Me

Strange Bedfellows

Episode: 148 | Aired:

When Maya fails in heading off a boycott of the magazine, Jack succeeds by sleeping with the feminist organizations leader. Elliott and Finch fight over the attention of a sensitive male friend. Nina panics after a visit from her late friend Binnies ghost convinces her that she is going to cheat on Simon.

The Goodbye Girl

Episode: 147 | Aired:

Vicki ponders returning to her old job as a hairstylist. Nina offers to coach a transvestite who is portraying her in a drag revue. Elliotts losing battle to date two women simultaneously prompts Finch to step in and organize Elliott's busy life - and leave him little control.

Evaluate This!

Episode: 146 | Aired:

At Vickis suggestion, Jack encourages his staff to evaluate his performance as a boss. Because everyone else signs their very complimentary remarks, Vickis plan backfires badly when the only anonymous critique is easily attributed to her. Meanwhile, when an accident leaves Nina confined to her apartment, Maya reluctantly attends a round of fashion industry parties and discovers that she likes them after all.

Guess Who's Coming to Blush

Episode: 125 | Aired: October 08, 2002

The new character Vicki is added to Just Shoot Me: Jacks choice of a "woman on the street" outsider to reenergize the magazine upsets the staff. Meanwhile, sensing that Elliotts assistant, Michelle, is suffering from low self-esteem prompts Finch to try and take advantage of the situation for himself.

Mr. Jealousy

Episode: 126 | Aired: October 15, 2002

When Elliott tries to teach Finch a lesson about how to handle his fear that Jack is replacing him with Vicki, his efforts only lead to humiliation. And Ninas ploy to expose Jacks misstep in judgment backfires badly when a psychotic woman shes hired off the street wreaks havoc at work.

Nina and the Rocker

Episode: 127 | Aired: October 22, 2002

Maya advises Nina to take it slow with her new aging rock star boyfriend. Maya also offers Vicki a sympathetic ear if she ever wants to talk about her divorce. Jack, meanwhile, decides that a pocket watch is just what he needs to give his image a boost, but clashes with Elliott, who has an heirloom pocket watch of his own.

Halloween? Halloween!

Episode: 128 | Aired: October 29, 2002

Finch beats out Jack for a new cover girls attention, only to find that shes gay - and thinks Finch is a woman; Elliott goes to Ninas Halloween party hoping to catch Vicki on the rebound from her failed marriage.

Da Sister Who Loved DiMauro

Episode: 129 | Aired: November 12, 2002

Finch and Nina plot to embarrass Elliott and persuade him that the only way to get to Vicki is by dating her aggressive and slightly scary sister. Meanwhile, Jack uses video conferencing to stay abreast of things at work while hes at home recuperating from foot surgery.

That Burning Passion

Episode: 130 | Aired: November 19, 2002

Mayas efforts to reunite Vicki and her estranged husband backfire when he and Maya get together. As Finch sets out to convince Jack that he can eat anything he wants and still lose weight, Nina objects to a tabloid photo showing her rock star boyfriend groping a voluptuous woman.

The Write Stuff

Episode: 131 | Aired: December 03, 2002

Finch achieves literary fame with a poem written by Maya; Nina resists Vicki's efforts to recreate the swimsuit pose that made her a modeling superstar.

It's Raining Babies

Episode: 132 | Aired: January 07, 2003

When Elliott brashly claims that Jack has underestimated his stature as an artist, Jack lays a plan to bring him down by offering him a whole page and artistic freedom for whatever photo he wants to take. After Finch exploits Nina and Vicki's animosity for each other, they turn the tables on him, involving a dinner with Jack and Star Wars director George Lucas.

Watch Your Backdraft

Episode: 133 | Aired: January 14, 2003

As Vicki sets out to identify the woman who has seduced her husband, Maya discovers that, as a result of Ninas inability to keep a secret, just about everyone but Vicki knows about Maya's affair with him. Meanwhile, Finch tries to get a better parking place by creating a fictitious new executive.

Pictures of Lily

Episode: 134 | Aired: April 22, 2003

As Finch sets out to woo a centerfold model hes worshipped since childhood, Nina regrets ever encouraging a friendship between rock star boyfriend Simon and Jack. After listening to Vicki say shes struggling to pay her rent, Maya decides to secretly donate money from her own paycheck in order to help her make ends meet - then regrets it.

The Comedy Stylings of Rivers & Red

Episode: 135 | Aired: April 22, 2003

After Nina catches Finch's father dating a mannequin (in order to qualify for mental disability pension), Finch gets him employed as Jacks new chauffeur. Nina hires someone to pretend to be Maya's long lost love. Elliott enlists an aging uncle to help him get back at a cruel comedian.

There's Something About Allison

Episode: 137 | Aired: July 12, 2003

At their reunion, Finch and his sex-altered childhood best friend compete for the girl they idolized in high school. As Nina gives Jack some successful makeup advice before a TV appearance, Elliott and Maya agree to try and have a sexual relationship devoid of any romance or affection.

The Talented Mr. Finch

Episode: 136 | Aired: July 12, 2003

After forgetting about an important meeting, Finch poses as Jack in order to close a big deal. Nina tries to keep her rock star boyfriend, Simon, from finding out the girl he wants to play the "dirty girl" in his video is really Nina's granddaughter. Elliott deals with a bully from elementary school, who is now a real estate agent - and very short.

Rivals in Romance

Episode: 138 | Aired: July 19, 2003

The competition between Jack and another publisher spawns a romance between Finch and his counterpart at the rival magazine. When Maya suggests the publishers co-sponsor a charity auction, Elliott donates a day with himself as a prize. Nina sets out to use the event to prove she is just as popular as her rock star boyfriend, Simon.

A Simple Kiss of Fate

Episode: 139 | Aired: July 19, 2003

A wedding proposal from Simon forces Nina to reveal that shes already married. Finch learns that Jacks new will leaves him a million dollars. Maya adamantly refuses to date an egotistical attorney whom her dad wants her to marry.

Donnie Redeemed

Episode: 140 | Aired: August 02, 2003

The return of his con-man brother, Donnie, arouses Elliotts suspicions. Apologetic Donnie claims that, with the help of his deaf girlfriend he has turned his life around. Meanwhile, Ninas previously undiscovered talents with the putter put Jack at an extreme disadvantage when he challenges her to a contest.

My Fair Finchy

Episode: 141 | Aired: August 02, 2003

As Maya convinces Finchs sexually charged girlfriend to demand a more emotionally satisfying relationship, Nina and Jack compete for the attention of the office cleaning woman.

Son of a Preacher Man

Episode: 142 | Aired: August 09, 2003

When Simon mentions that he has told his very conservative mom and dad that Nina was raised in a convent, she takes offense at the thought that she might need to hide something from her prospective in-laws. Still, Nina asks Maya to dinner with all of them to help her win them over - and Maya wins over Simon's father in an unexpected way. Meanwhile, Elliott finds that being Jacks neighbor isnt easy when the other tenants try to involve him in complaints against Jack.

The Last Temptation of Elliott

Episode: 143 | Aired: August 09, 2003

As Elliott sets out to convince his former parish priest that hes still a good Catholic, Finch joins him in Bible study class and seduces a lonely and repressed Catholic woman. Maya struggles to fend off the attention of an annoying middle-aged intern. Nina accepts Jacks generous offer to help plan the details of her wedding to Simon, then discovers a surprising side to Simon.

For the Last Time, I Do

Episode: 144 | Aired: August 16, 2003

As her wedding day approaches, Ninas plans begin to unravel when the minister turns out to be one of Simons former groupies - and a former fling who still wants him. While Finch sells a wedding invitation to one of Simons teenaged fans, Elliott is disappointed when Nina rebuffs his offer to make a speech at the ceremony. Maya pairs off with another wedding guest, a young neurosurgeon who she soon discovers is really the high school sophomore Finch sneaked in.

Future Issues

Episode: 145 | Aired: August 16, 2003

In the series finale, Jack surprises everyone by announcing his retirement. As Nina fondly recalls how she first met Jack at an orgy over thirty years ago, newly appointed editor Maya teams with newly kissing-Maya's-butt Finch to plan a surprise going-away party for her dad. But once the plans are all made and Jack walks in to find everyone waiting for him, he quickly retreats.