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Just Shoot Me

David Spade

Dennis Finch

David Spade has had and continues to have a broad career as a both a comedic actor and writer. Born in Birmingham, Michigan on July 24, 1964, Spade grew up mainly in Arizona and cut his comedy chops at the University of Arizona, from which he graduated in 1986. The 'class clown' began to perform at comedy clubs and participated in college stand-up shows.

Making the comedy club rounds paid off in the form of a jump-start in comedic films. Spade was cast in Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol just one year after he graduated from college. Television appearances followed shortly thereafter. He appeared in a 1988 episode of The Facts Of Life and an episode of Baywatch.

Spade went from guest appearances in TV shows to a solid position during Saturday Night Live's "renaissance" in the 1990s. From 1990 to 1997, Spade was as a writer and performer on the show. One of his most popular sketches featured him as the snippy flight attendant who dismissed passengers with a dry "buh-bye." In addition, he was anchorman for the popular "Hollywood Minute" sketch.

Spade's comedy sketches with fellow SNL member Chris Farley also endeared him to fans. Farley and Spade went on to make the films Tommy Boy in 1995 and Black Sheep in 1996. The death of Chris Farley in 1997 without a doubt affected Spade as a friend, but also may have hurt his film career. Films he appeared in without Farley, Joe Dirt in 1991 and Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star in 2003, did not fare as well at the box office.

In 1997, Spade returned to the small screen, playing a brown-nosing and mean assistant at Blush magazine in Just Shoot Me!

Following Just Shoot Me!, Spade appeared in the 2002 John Ritter show, 8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter and in 2007, Rules of Engagement. Spade went on to host The Showbiz Show with David Spade on Comedy Centralm, an expansion of his 'Hollywood Minute' sketch on SNL in the 1990s.

In 2007, he became paparazzi fodder for what many believed to be an unusual romantic pairing with Heather Locklear. If the name Spade reminds you of handbags and not comedy, you are not off base. David Spade's sister-in-law is the famous handbag designer Kate Spade.

Character Bio

Dennis Finch is the sarcastic, power-hungry assistant to Blush publisher, Jack Gallo. He's sharp tongued - always quick with a mean (yet comical) retort - and takes pleasure in cutting down his fellow co-workers at the magazine. He has a visible affection for Maya Gallo and for all the models that come in and out of the office. He loves to make jokes that include sexual innuendos and is particularly adept at sound effects, which he uses to punctuate his one-liners.

Finch is forever trying to curry favor with his boss, Jack, even though as an assistant he's less than proficient (unless sorting blue M&M's is a skill). In one episode, Maya asks him what he actually does at Blush and Finch replies in a whisper, "No one knows!" He never tires of trying to outdo whomever he feels is his competition at the magazine.

When Jack hires a magician as an assistant, Finch tries to perform extraordinary amateur tricks himself. In one instance, he goes so far as to announce, "Jack's dead. I'm in charge now!" In addition, he loves to play practical jokes; he switches Elliott's birthday gifts so it appears that Maya has given him a box promising a night of passion.

Finch is a cat fancier and former figure skater. For companionship, Finch kept a fluffy, white, award-winning purebred cat named Spartacus in his apartment. Finch took Spartacus to work one day, but it accidentally died in a head on collision while Jack and Maya were racing remote control model cars in the office. Finch had no idea how the cat died but had him stuffed and placed his mounted remains in the office.

A surprise to all, Finch admits to writing the Miss Pretty column for Blush, a column about women and love. Finch is easily hurt by the sarcasm of others in the office. When Jack asks if he's gained weight, Finch's expression drops. When told he cannot attend the Femmy awards, it's clear he's hurt, feeling like the second-class citizen he truly is at Blush.

When not on the job, Finch earns extra money teaching at Traffic School or as he likes to call it, Traffic Academy. He is also a member of the Future Magicians of America. When he isn't busy trying to bed the gorgeous models, he enjoys sci-fi conventions and cat shows.