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Jennifer Falls

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Jennifer Falls Highlight: Jennifer's Song


Jennifer Falls Highlight: Everybody Loves Adam

When Stephanie begins to choke, someone unlikely saves the day. (59:36)

Jennifer Falls Highlight: Dads and Dogs

Things get interesting when Gretchen's father finds her boyfriend sneaking into her window. (59:36)

Jennifer Falls Highlight: Three Dates With My Mother

Jennifer tries to get her mother, Maggie, to open up by seeing a Psychiatrist. But Maggie won't put her guard down without a fight. (59:36)

Jennifer Falls Highlight: School Trouble

When Gretchen gets in trouble at school, Jennifer has to meet with Mr. Whitehorn, the same principal she had when she was in high school. (59:36)

Jennifer Falls Highlight: Staycation

When Dina finds Gretchen drinking alcohol, Gretchen has some serious explaining to do. (59:36)

Jennifer Falls Highlight: Virginity Thief

Jennifer and Dina discover they lost their virginity to the same guy... on the same day. (59:36)

Jennifer Falls Highlight: Triangle

When Dina and Jennifer spot a hot new guy at the bar, Jennifer does more than approach him. (59:36)

Jennifer Falls Highlight: Fancy Friends

When Jennifer has a chance encounter with her old high-class friends, she pretends she's still in the game. (59:36)

Jennifer Falls Highlight: Who needs a Margarita?!

When Jennifer is forced to move back with her mother after being let go from her six-figure salary job, she is welcomed with open arms. (25:00)

Jennifer Falls: Nora Kirkpatrick Talks About Being A Mean Girl

Nora Kirkpatrick talks about her character's reaction when she finds out her husband is getting bullied by highschool girls. (59:36)

Jennifer Falls: Ben Lawson Talks About His Role On Set

Ben Lawson, also known as "Beer Guy," talks about his character, David! (59:36)

Jennifer Falls: Behind The Scenes With John Kenower

See what makes our new single-camera original series Jennifer Falls set different from our multi-camera originals with John Kenower. (59:36)

TV Land Studios: Jaime Pressly Gets A Speeding Ticket

Jaime Pressly gets a ticket when she doesn't follow the speed limit on The Lot. (30:00)

TV Land Studios: Jaime Pressly Shames Cedric's Potluck

Jaime Pressly brings baked ziti to Cedric The Entertainer's gourmet potluck. (30:00)

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