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The Jeffersons

George and the President

Episode: 038 | Aired: September 25, 1976

Airing in September of 1976, George exploits the bicentennial by claiming to be the great-great-great grandson of Thomas Jefferson in order to squash a competitor.

Louise Gets Her Way

Episode: 039 | Aired: October 02, 1976

Facing eviction, Florence appeals to Louise. After offering Florence a live-in position, both women face something worse than eviction: trying to get George to agree.

Louise Suspects

Episode: 040 | Aired: October 09, 1976

Louise chides George for working too hard; so, he sneaks around at night to hide the fact he is working on opening a new store. Trouble is, Louise suspects the sneaking around has something to do with a love letter she finds.

The Lie Detector

Episode: 041 | Aired: October 16, 1976

Lionel refuses to take a lie detector test at his new job. When he arrives home to take a family picture and announces his news, he endures his fathers suspicion.

Georges Diploma

Episode: 042 | Aired: October 23, 1976

George is embarrassed when Lionel passes off his high school-dropout father as a Harvard grad. George trudges through a high school equivalency test -- as well as a betting war with Florence.

The Retirement Party

Episode: 043 | Aired: October 30, 1976

George has to make a choice: sell the business for a small fortune, or sell out his friend.

Lionels Pad

Episode: 044 | Aired: November 10, 1976

Lionel finds an apartment. George and Louise are not thrilled at the prospect of an empty nest and more than shocked to find out Jenny will be Lionels new roommate.

Tom The Hero

Episode: 045 | Aired: November 17, 1976

Tom saves Georges life with the Heimlich maneuver. When George tires of the heros welcome Tom gets around the building, George devises a way to make things even again.

Jennys Discovery

Episode: 046 | Aired: November 24, 1976

Jenny agonizes over her feelings toward Lionel. Questioning her love for him, she is put to the test when it looks like her intended might have been killed in a bus crash along with Tom and George.

The Agreement

Episode: 047 | Aired: December 08, 1976

Jenny is furious after George suggests Lionel ask her to sign a prenuptial agreement. George faces marital woes of his own after Louise makes a bet with him.

Florence in Love

Episode: 048 | Aired: December 15, 1976

The early morning intruder in the kitchen turns out to be Florences boyfriend. Its Jeffersons vs. Johnston in a battle for appropriate boundaries, ending with Florences quitting.

The Christmas Wedding

Episode: 049 | Aired: December 22, 1976

Its Christmas Eve, and everyone is looking forward to the wedding. George takes exception to the ministers racial and familial background. He and Tom fight, and it is up to Louise and some well-placed Christmas carolers to save the day.

Louise Forgets

Episode: 050 | Aired: January 05, 1977

When Louise forgets to make an important call, George pleads with her to improve her memory. She takes a class to better her memory, while Florence takes a class in Judo.

Bentleys Problem

Episode: 051 | Aired: January 12, 1977

Never listen to George Jefferson for advice. Bentley is afraid of a bully in his garage. Georges counsel lands Bentley in jail. The incident impedes Louises plans to go on a trip to San Francisco.

Jefferson Airplane

Episode: 052 | Aired: January 17, 1977

George, much to Louises chagrin, takes up flying lessons. Eventually, so does she.

Georges Guilt

Episode: 053 | Aired: January 24, 1977

After a childhood buddy dies, George feels guilty for not keeping in touch with the old gang. So he organizes a reunion.

A Case of Black and White

Episode: 054 | Aired: January 31, 1977

Georges latest business deal is with an interracial couple. He invites them to dinner and uncharacteristically asks the Willises to join. When Tom and Helen get wind of the plan -- and get offended -- they leave before the other couple arrives.

Louise vs. Jenny

Episode: 055 | Aired: February 07, 1977

Louise gets a taste of her own medicine when Jenny and she battle over taking care of an ailing Lionel. The mother of all mothers-in-law, Mother Jefferson, also makes an appearance.

The Marriage Counselors

Episode: 056 | Aired: February 21, 1977

If its good for the Willises, its good for the Jeffersons. Thats what Louise thinks about the marriage counselor who has been helping Tom and Helen.

Louises Friend

Episode: 057 | Aired: February 28, 1977

Marla Gibbss 227 husband, Hal Williams, guest stars as a man who befriends Louise in a French class, much to Georges dismay.

The Old Flame

Episode: 058 | Aired: March 07, 1977

Mother Jefferson stirs up trouble when she invites Georges first girlfriend to the house for dinner.

Jenny's Opportunity

Episode: 059 | Aired: March 21, 1977

Its a battle of the sexes when Jenny is offered a scholarship to Oxford. After Lionels company wont transfer him abroad and he wants her to stay stateside, the line in the sand is drawn between the Willis/Jefferson men and their wives.

George the Philanthropist

Episode: 060 | Aired: March 28, 1977

Georges wallet is in the right place, if not his heart: his sudden generosity to a Harlem youth center is merely an attempt to beat out a competitor for the Black Businessmans Award.

Louises Physical

Episode: 061 | Aired: April 11, 1977

Its Louises birthday, but she is upset upon learning from her doctor that she will live to be 100. Feeling like her life is not fulfilling, she puts a damper on the surprise party George and the rest have planned.