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The Jeffersons

About The Jeffersons

On Jan. 11, 1975, Edith Bunker said a tearful goodbye to her neighbor and friend Louise Jefferson on All in the Family. She and her husband George, were "movin' on up to the East Side, to a deluxe apartment in the sky!" For the next 11 seasons, The Jeffersons lived among a kaleidoscope of characters, including a sycophantic doorman named Ralph, a bizarre British neighbor named Bentley, and the Willises -- TV's first married couple in which one character was black and one was white.

Like All in the Family, The Jeffersons had a bigoted, opinionated loud-mouth at its center: George Jefferson who was constantly putting his foot in his mouth. The show tackled many serious issues, Although comedy was the key element of its success, the show tackled many serious issues from George's social climbing to Louise's relationship with her mother-in-law -- and Florence's never ending battles with George.

In its final season, CBS pulled the plug on The Jeffersons without giving the show an official finale. However, The Jeffersons is a masterpiece and it remains a landmark in the classic TV landscape.

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