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I Love Lucy

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Valentine's Day (15)

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I Love Lucy

I Love Lucy: Vitameatavegamin

Lucy does a TV commercial for a nutritional elixir called "Vitameatavegamin."
I Love Lucy

I Love Lucy: The Marriage License

When Lucy finds a misspelling on her marriage license, she believes her marriage to Ricky isn't legal.
I Love Lucy

I Love Lucy: Lucy and Ricky Make Up

Lucy and Ricky make up after bickering with each other at dinner.
I Love Lucy

I Love Lucy: Anniversary

Lucy and Ricky devise a plan to spend their anniversary alone, but Ethel and Fred have a plan of their own.
I Love Lucy

Lucy the Evil City Woman

Lucy tries to scare away an unwelcome houseguest
I Love Lucy

Lucy Goes to Work

Lucy and Ethel find a job in a chocolate factory
I Love Lucy

Lucy Teaches The Art of Flirting

Lucy shows her neighbor how to attract the "opposite sex"
I Love Lucy

Ricky Tells Little Ricky A Bedtime Story

Ricky tells his son the story of "Caperucita Roja"
I Love Lucy

Lucy Meets Bob Hope

Lucy tries to get Bob Hope on Ricky's show