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I Love Lucy

The Girls Want to Go to a Nightclub

Episode: 001 | Aired: October 14, 1951

Fred and Ricky want to go to a prize fight, but the girls want to go to a nightclub.

Lucy Thinks Ricky is Trying to Murder Her

Episode: 004 | Aired: October 28, 1951

Ricky pours a sedative for Lucy so she can relax, but she thinks it's poison.

The Diet

Episode: 003 | Aired: October 28, 1951

In this episode, Lucy and Desi reprise one of the highlights of their 1950 vaudeville tour, 'Cuban Pete.'

The Quiz Show

Episode: 005 | Aired: November 04, 1951

Lucy wrangles her way into a contestant spot on a wild and woolly quiz show.

The Audition Show

Episode: 006 | Aired: November 11, 1951

When Lucy substitutes for Buffo the clown, the producers want to sign her up for a TV show.

The Seance

Episode: 007 | Aired: November 18, 1951

Lucy suddenly becomes interested in numerology and superstitions.

Men Are Messy

Episode: 008 | Aired: November 25, 1951

Lucy gets angry and divides the living room in half so Ricky can be as messy as he likes on his side.

The Fur Coat

Episode: 009 | Aired: December 02, 1951

Ricky brings home a mink coat that is to be used in his nightclub act, but Lucy takes it for granted it's for her.

Lucy is Jealous of Girl Dancer

Episode: 010 | Aired: December 09, 1951

Ethel misinterprets a gossip column item and decides Ricky is interested in a chorus girl.


Episode: 011 | Aired: December 16, 1951

Lucy and Ethel are convinced their husbands have been drafted when they see them drilling in the living room with brooms.

The Adagio

Episode: 012 | Aired: December 23, 1951

Lucy dreams up a wild American Indian war dance routine and goes after a job at Ricky's club.

The Benefit

Episode: 013 | Aired: December 30, 1951

Lucy and Ricky reprise a classic vaudeville routine, 'Underneath the Bamboo Tree.'

The Amateur Hour

Episode: 014 | Aired: January 06, 1952

Lucy decides to get a babysitting job -- but gets more than she bargained for.

Lucy Plays Cupid

Episode: 015 | Aired: January 13, 1952

Lucy tries to arrange a match between a love-starved old lady and a giddy grocery man.

Lucy Fakes Illness

Episode: 016 | Aired: January 20, 1952

Ricky arrives home and finds out that Lucy is faking a nasty case of the 'gobloots.'

Lucy Writes a Play

Episode: 017 | Aired: January 27, 1952

Lucy writes a heartwarming story of a Cuban tobacco picker in 'A Tree Grows in Havana.'

Breaking the Lease

Episode: 018 | Aired: February 03, 1952

The Ricardos and the Mertzes have the first of many classic feuds.

The Ballet

Episode: 019 | Aired: February 10, 1952

Ricky needs both a ballet dancer and a burlesque comic for his new act and Lucy wants a job.

Young Fans

Episode: 020 | Aired: February 17, 1952

Lucy tries to teach a clumsy schoolboy how to dance so he can impress his girl.

New Neighbors

Episode: 021 | Aired: February 24, 1952

Lucy and Ethel try to get a closer look at the belongings of their new neighbors.

Fred and Ethel Fight

Episode: 022 | Aired: March 02, 1952

The Ricardos try to patch up the Mertzes' quarrel.

The Mustache

Episode: 023 | Aired: March 09, 1952

Ricky refuses to shave off his new mustache, so Lucy glues on a beard and mustache.

The Gossip

Episode: 024 | Aired: March 16, 1952

Their husbands bet Lucy and Ethel that they can keep from gossiping longer.

Pioneer Women

Episode: 025 | Aired: March 23, 1952

Lucy and Ethel demand dishwashers.

The Marriage License

Episode: 026 | Aired: March 30, 1952

Lucy insists that Ricky go through the entire courtship and marriage ceremony a second time.

The Kleptomaniac

Episode: 027 | Aired: April 06, 1952

Ricky jumps to the conclusion that Lucy's a kleptomaniac.

Cuban Pals

Episode: 028 | Aired: April 13, 1952

Lucy dresses up as a seductive Latin dancer.

The Freezer

Episode: 029 | Aired: April 20, 1952

Lucy accidentally gets locked inside a walk-in meat freezer.

Lucy Does a TV Commercial

Episode: 030 | Aired: May 04, 1952

This is the classic 'Vitameatavegamin Vitamins' episode with Lucy as the Vitameatavegamin girl.

Lucy's Schedule

Episode: 033 | Aired: May 25, 1952

After Lucy is late for a dinner appointment, Ricky puts her on a rigid time schedule.

Ricky Thinks He's Getting Bald

Episode: 034 | Aired: June 01, 1952

Lucy comes up with an unorthodox treatment when Ricky thinks he's going bald.

Ricky Asks for a Raise

Episode: 035 | Aired: June 08, 1952

Lucy convinces Ricky that he should pressure his boss into giving him a raise.