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I Love Lucy

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I Love Lucy: Vitameatavegamin

Lucy does a TV commercial for a nutritional elixir called "Vitameatavegamin." (01:57)

I Love Lucy: The Marriage License

When Lucy finds a misspelling on her marriage license, she believes her marriage to Ricky isn't legal. (01:43)

I Love Lucy: Lucy and Ricky Make Up

Lucy and Ricky make up after bickering with each other at dinner. (00:42)

I Love Lucy: Anniversary

Lucy and Ricky devise a plan to spend their anniversary alone, but Ethel and Fred have a plan of their own. (01:48)

I Love Lucy: Chocolate Factory

Lucy and Ethel find a job in a chocolate factory (54:00)

About I Love Lucy

I LOVE LUCY is a true TV masterpiece with several unforgettable episodes starring Lucille Ball & Desi Arnaz. The entire series is presented on TV Land.

I Love Lucy TV Schedule

November 27
Lucy is Enceinte
Constant interruptions frustrate Lucy's every attempt to talk quietly with Ricky. Finally, she is forced to go to the nightclub to tell him she's going to have a baby.
Lucy Does a TV Commercial
This is the classic 'Vitameatavegamin Vitamins' episode with Lucy as the Vitameatavegamin girl.
Job Switching
This is the classic episode where Lucy and Ethel get jobs in a candy factory.
Harpo Marx
Lucy decides to impersonate Harpo Marx just as the real Harpo arrives at the apartment with Ricky. Guest Star: Harpo Marx
Lucy's Italian Movie
Lucy is spotted by a famous Italian cinema director and chosen to play a part in his new movie 'Bitter Grapes.'

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