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I Dream of Jeannie

Jeannie At The Piano

Episode: 114 | Aired: September 15, 1969

Jeannie makes a piano that Tony is playing magical so that he plays like Chopin. Everyone is so impressed that Gen. Schaeffer puts him on a concert tour.

Djinn, Djinn, The Pied Piper

Episode: 115 | Aired: September 22, 1969

General Schaeffer meets Jeannie's genie-dog and wants Djinn Djinn to meet his Great Dane, Jupiter as well as compete in a show.

Guess Who's Going To Be A Bride? (Part I)

Episode: 116 | Aired: September 29, 1969

Tony refuses the wish of Jeannie to be his bride, causing her to leave him forever.

Guess Who's Going To Be A Bride? (Part II)

Episode: 117 | Aired: October 06, 1969

Tony risks everything to find Jeannie and asks for her hand in marriage.

Jeannie's Beauty Cream

Episode: 118 | Aired: October 13, 1969

Amanda Bellows complains to Jeannie that the sun makes her face all leathery, so Jeannie gives her some genie cream. Amanda applies some and her face transforms into that of a hot young woman.

Jeannie And The Bachelor Party

Episode: 119 | Aired: October 20, 1969

Roger and Dr. Bellows plan to throw Tony a wild bachelor party.

The Blood Of Jeannie

Episode: 120 | Aired: October 27, 1969

Jeannie needs a blood test before she marries Tony. Unfortunately, genies have blood that is red and green.

See You In C-U-B-A

Episode: 121 | Aired: November 03, 1969

While Tony is testing an experimental flight to Puerto Rico, he and Roger both get blinked to Cuba where Tony is captured by a Cuban militant.

The Mad Home Wrecker

Episode: 122 | Aired: November 10, 1969

The Bellows' chip in to redecorate Tony's entire house in mod decor.

Uncles A Go-Go

Episode: 123 | Aired: November 24, 1969

Jeannie's Uncles Azmire and Vasmir both arrive to approve of her Tony.

The Wedding

Episode: 124 | Aired: December 01, 1969

Jeannie tells Tony that genies don't show up on film so much of their wedding entails avoiding photographs.

My Sister, The Homewrecker

Episode: 125 | Aired: December 08, 1969

Jeannie's sister returns with the intentions of breaking up Jeannie's marriage to Tony.

Jeannie, The Matchmaker

Episode: 126 | Aired: December 15, 1969

Roger is fixed up by Jeannie and a computer dating service with a woman named Laverne. Meanwhile, Tony hooks Roger up with the general's visiting niece.

Never Put A Genie On A Budget

Episode: 127 | Aired: December 29, 1969

Tony put Jeannie on a budget and Jeannie, in turn, rebels by becoming the most frugal, penny-pinching wife the night he is to entertain a Soviet cosmonaut.

Please Don't Give My Jeannie No More Wine

Episode: 128 | Aired: January 06, 1970

Tony and Jeannie arrive at the Bellows' home for dinner with a bottle of wine that Jeannie has blinked up. The wine turns the Bellows invisible leaving Tony and Jeannie to act naturally while trying to find a solution quick.

One Of Our Hotels Is Growing

Episode: 129 | Aired: January 13, 1970

Roger's hotel reservations in Los Angeles do not go through leaving the gang to stay on the newly blinked 13th floor. The remainder of the trip is spent keeping the Bellow and hotel staff from learning about the non-existent floor.

The Solid Gold Jeannie

Episode: 130 | Aired: January 20, 1970

Tony, Roger and Commander Wingate spend 3 weeks in quarantine after a successful mission. Jeannie disguises herself as a gold trophy so she can be near her husband but then accidentally takes a sleeping pill forcing Tony to hide his life-sized, passed out, gold statue.

Mrs. Djinn Djinn

Episode: 131 | Aired: February 03, 1970

Djinn Djinn brings a magic female poodle home as she is expecting their puppies. Roger jumps to conclusion and things that Tony is the one who will become a father.

Jeannie And The Curious Kid

Episode: 132 | Aired: February 10, 1970

Tony baby-sits the Bellows' nephew Melvin. He steals Jeannie's bottle with her in it and takes it back to his aunt and uncle's home and then dumps Jeannie into a sherry bottle.

Jeannie, The Recording Secretary

Episode: 133 | Aired: February 24, 1970

Jeannie attends her first meeting of the Officer's Wives Association where she's voted the recording secretary and she learns about the upcoming Good Husband Award. Tony is scheduled to test a new sleeping pill in a capsule simulator so Jeannie takes advantage and has his zombie-like body doing household chores so he can win the award.

Help, Help, A Shark

Episode: 134 | Aired: March 03, 1970

Tony ruins General Schaeffer's chance of winning a game of pool against his long-time rival General Fitzhugh. To avenge General Schaeffer, and avoid being sent to the North Pole as punishment, Tony must play against General Fitzhugh and win.

Eternally Yours, Jeannie

Episode: 135 | Aired: March 17, 1970

Jeannie tests Tony's loyalty by disguising herself as his high school love. Confusion ensues as his sweetheart decides to visit him at the same time.

An Astronaut In Sheep's Clothing

Episode: 136 | Aired: March 24, 1970

For Tony and Jeannie's 6-month anniversary, he explains that he'd prefer that she made him a gift instead of blinking him one. So Jeannie brings in a Tibetan cashmere sheep to make Tony a beautiful sweater.

Hurricane Jeannie

Episode: 137 | Aired: April 28, 1970

A hurricane forces Dr. Bellows and Roger to stay at Tony's house for the night. The electricity and telephones are out making Dr. Bellows suspicious to how he is served a hot dinner and how Tony is able to use a telephone to help a pair of astronauts land.

One Jeannie Beats Four Of A Kind

Episode: 138 | Aired: May 19, 1970

Dr. Bellows and General Schaeffer are suspicious that Tony is a con artist when he beats Roger, a state senator and themselves in a poker game.

My Master, The Chili King

Episode: 139 | Aired: May 26, 1970

Tony's cousin visits and convinces Jeannie to invest a lot of money in his homemade chili.