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I Dream of Jeannie

About I Dream of Jeannie

Sidney Sheldon's magical creation I Dream of Jeannie ran for five delightful, eye-blinking, belly button-concealing seasons. The premise for the show is your typical "Astronaut meets genie, genie loves astronaut, astronaut marries genie story." And while comparisons between I Dream of Jeannie and Bewitched would be natural (especially since they both had supernatural female leads asked to keep their powers "in check" and both were filmed at the same time on the same lot, ) I Dream of Jeannie maintained a sweet-slapstick integrity and playfulness that was uniquely its own.

Much of that playfulness resulted from the wonderful chemistry between Larry Hagman (the astronaut) and Barbara Eden (the genie). Their chemistry was clear from the pilot episode and post-I Dream of Jeannie the two reunited for the movie called A Howling in the Woods, as well as five episodes of Hagman's dramatic series Dallas.

The show's three principal actors, Eden, Hagman and Bill Daily have all made numerous appearances at TV Land events. During the First Annual TV Land Awards, Barbara Eden walked off with the Viewer's Choice for Favorite in a Dual Role for her portrayal of Jeannie and her sister.

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