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How'd You Get So Rich?

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Scrubbing Bubbles

Episode: 102 | Aired: August 05, 2009

The $23 million waterfront mansion with 13 bathrooms and 6 kitchens. Three boats. A gorgeous wife with 200 pairs of shoes. Would you believe they all belong to a guy who made his way through Harvard by scrubbing toilets? Follow Joan as she gets the grand tour and snaps on the rubber gloves for a lesson in basic bathroom cleaning. Then, it's a Rivers-style ambush as she invites herself over to a tricked-out, ultramodern palace in the hills -- owned by someone who used to fold sweaters at the mall!

Episode 104: Infomercial King

Episode: 104 | Aired: August 12, 2009

It slices. It dices. It makes billions of dollars! It's the amazing infomercial, and Joan's paying a visit to the Infomercial King. She'll also meet a woman who was dumped by her rich husband -- but then got rich herself, by creating camouflage makeup.

Mardi Gras Millionaire

Episode: 103 | Aired: August 12, 2009

Meet the Mardi Gras Millionaire, a man who started off penniless and built an empire around parade floats and plastic beads. Wait till you see where he lives; you're in for a shock! Tour the former Versace Mansion in South Beach, which is now owned by a college dropout. Then it's on to Rodeo Drive, where we'll meet a comic book king as well as the makeover mogul behind Two-Faced Cosmetics (who used to be a department store counter boy). Joan asks innocent passersby: 'Are those boobs yours?' 'What did you pay for that outfit?' and, of course 'How'd you get so rich?!'

Episode 101: Bubble Blower

Episode: 101 | Aired: August 26, 2009

Joan meets the inventor of the five-chamber bubble blower, who is so rich, his dog has a walk-in closet and a private chef. Then, this couple's mansion has its own elevator. Her diamond has its own zip code. How'd they get so rich? Watch and find out.

Episode 106: The Slanket, Butt Paste

Episode: 106 | Aired: September 02, 2009

Joan meets a fashion junkie who spends over $1 million on clothes -- a year! Then, she meets the inventors of Butt Paste and The Slanket and a couple who were so broke, they served pizza at their wedding. Now they're worth billions. How'd they get so rich?

Episode 105: Anti-Hacker Millionaire

Episode: 105 | Aired: September 09, 2009

He grew up with dirt floors and no running water. Now he's worth $200 million, has his own ballroom to dance in and take dips in his indoor pool. Joan finds out how he got so rich. Then, a former ad exec who became a decorator -- and is now decorating his own castle!