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How'd You Get So Rich?

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Donald Trump, John Paul Mitchell

Episode: 201 | Aired: May 05, 2010

Joan's got two billionaires: first a homeless bum who became the hair care mogul behind the Paul Mitchell line. Then it's off to the top of Trump Tower to visit her old boss (from Celebrity Apprentice) Donald Trump.

Joan's House, Wee Wee Pads

Episode: 202 | Aired: May 12, 2010

Joan Rivers meets Allen, a high-school dropout who invented Wee Wee Pads and now grosses over $100 million a year. She snoops inside his Florida mansion AND his $28 million 5th Avenue apartment. Then she gives viewers the first-ever televised tour of her stunning 100-acre Connecticut estate as she dishes about how she, a daughter of Russian immigrants, struggled through tough times while trying to hit the big time.

Georgia Millionaire, Cake Queen

Episode: 204 | Aired: May 19, 2010

Joan Rivers meets a Georgia millionaire who grew up so poor he didn't even have running water. Now he lives in a 32,000-sq. ft. mansion with 22 bathrooms. Joan gets the grand tour of his estate, which features its own 18-hole golf course, private amphitheater and theme rooms beyond your wildest imagination. Next, Joan meets Sylvia Weinstock, school teacher turned self-made millionaire mom who became the 'Leonardo da Vinci' of custom cakes. Joan gets the grand tour of Sylvia's Manhattan building.

Episode 205: Treasure Island, Hawaiian Tropic

Episode: 205 | Aired: May 26, 2010

Joan Rivers meets Phil, a man who was once down to his last 28 cents, but is now a billionaire married to a beauty queen. Phil turned his life around by pioneering self-service gas stations and then went on to pay $1.2 billion in CASH for the Treasure Island Hotel and Casino. Next, Joan hits Daytona Beach to meet the schoolteacher and part-time lifeguard who invented Hawaiian Tropic suntan lotion. Ron sold his company for $160 million and lives in the ultimate bachelor pad compound with four swimming pools that you have to see to believe!

Hamptons Guru, Cookie Millionaire

Episode: 206 | Aired: June 02, 2010

Joan Rivers tours a pharmacy tycoon's Hamptons waterfront estate and gets an invitation to the Tennessee mansion owned by the creator of the Mrs. Fields cookie franchise.

Episode 203: Big Spenders Edition

Episode: 203 | Aired: June 09, 2010

Meet five mega-millionaires who reveal the excessive and outrageous ways they spend their fortunes: Jamie, a high-school drop out who invented a do-it-yourself Mold Test Kit and now he spends millions on exotic cars and diamonds for his wife. Next, a Las Vegas 'Zen decorator' who shows off his $40 million collection of art and antiques. Then it's on to Hollywood where Joan meets a guy who spent his fortune on a house with celebrity neighbors Keanu Reeves and Leonardo DiCaprio.