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How'd You Get So Rich?

Joan Rivers

Wry comedian Joan Rivers has been performing her shoot-to-kill, scathing style of stand-up since the '60s, and her brash sense of humor has made her one of the most famous and controversial comedians in history. She was the first and only permanent guest host on 'The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson,' and regularly appeared on such classics as 'The Ed Sullivan Show' and 'The Carol Burnett Show.' On her own, Rivers has hosted multiple talk shows and has one of the most successful jewelry lines ever sold on home shopping network QVC. In recent years, Joan and her daughter Melissa became famous for schmoozing and ambushing celebrities at red-carpet events as well as tag-teaming on 'The Apprentice: Celebrity Edition.'

Rivers is a titan of comedy and show business, unafraid to poke fun at herself or anyone (famous or not) who crosses her path. Because of this bravado, she's often been viewed as a polarizing force in the entertainment business. Simply put: You either love her or hate her. Those who fall in the former category will enjoy Rivers' new show, 'How'd You Get So Rich?' Watch as the ruthless funny lady pesters the mega-wealthy about how they made their fortunes -- and more importantly, how they spend it.