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Hot in Cleveland

Bloopers: Who's Rick?

Who is this Rick character, anyway? The ladies laugh as Valerie Bertinelli goes off script. (00:37)
Hot in Cleveland

Wendie Malick on Hot in Cleveland, Success and Maturity

Wendie had a gut feeling the show would be a success, but thanks Betty White for empowering the cast. (01:15)
Hot in Cleveland

Bloopers: Handsy Much?

When you don't got it, flaunt it! Garbled lines are the order of the day on Hot in Cleveland. (00:53)
Hot in Cleveland

The Best of Victoria

Soap opera star, Botox enthusiast, Japanese hygiene spokeswoman and all prima donna. (02:29)
Hot in Cleveland

Bloopers: Valerie Can't Stop Laughing

Valerie Bertinelli is having trouble staying in character without cracking up. (00:35)
Hot in Cleveland

Bloopers: Wendie Can't Remember Her Lines

Wendie Malick can't explain her scheme without messing up. (00:52)
Hot in Cleveland

Cast and Friends: 'Come Back and See Us!'

The cast of Hot in Cleveland has a lot to be thankful for, like great fans and cool guest stars like Dave Foley and Joe Jonas. (00:31)
Hot in Cleveland

A Special Message from Wendie Malick

Wendie Malick has a personal greeting for Facebook fans of her show Hot in Cleveland. (00:19)
Hot in Cleveland

The Best of Elka

Elka Ostrovsky is a one-woman quote machine. See why in this montage of her best zingers. (02:49)
Hot in Cleveland

Bonus: Valerie Offers Joe Jonas $50 for Private Concert

Valerie would like to introduce her stage son, Joe Jonas. (00:32)
From Episode: #109 | Aired: August 11, 2010
Hot in Cleveland

Joe Jonas Is Hot in Cleveland!

Joe Jonas talks Justin Bieber with Betty White. We can't make this stuff up! (00:15)
From Episode: #109 | Aired: August 11, 2010
Hot in Cleveland

Star Wendie Malick Answers Fan Questions

Hot in Cleveland's Wendie Malick answers fan questions and discusses her favorite moments. (01:15)
Hot in Cleveland

All about Elka

Elka may not be the easiest Clevelander to live with, but she has her good points. (01:58)
Hot in Cleveland

Bonus: How Hot in Cleveland's Stars Get Their Style

We chat with costume designer Lori Eskowitz-Carter, who gives us the inside scoop. (02:16)
Hot in Cleveland

Bonus: How'd They Get So Hot? Wardrobe on the Set

See what an exciting week in the costume department of Hot in Cleveland is like. (01:34)
Hot in Cleveland

Hot in Cleveland: Victoria at the Big 'n Easy Store

Victoria has finally found a place that can give her the fawning attention she craves. (01:31)
Hot in Cleveland

Bloopers: Wendie Malick is Tongue-Tied

Wendie Malick struggles to keep a straight face on the set. (01:43)
From Episode: #104 | Aired: July 21, 2010
Hot in Cleveland

The Cast and Crew's Favorite Scenes

The Cast and Producers share their favorite scenes. (02:19)
Hot in Cleveland

Victoria's Japanese 'Lady Pants' Commercial

See the 'Mrs. Lady Pants' commercial in its entirety -- and consider yourself warned. (00:57)
From Episode: #106 | Aired: July 14, 2010
Hot in Cleveland

Hot in Cleveland Set Tour

Go behind the scenes of the Hot in Cleveland set. (03:11)

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