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Hot in Cleveland

Elka Gets Thrown Into a Smear Campaign

Elka gets thrown into a smear campaign
Hot in Cleveland

Hot in Cleveland Highlight: Bad George Clooney

Joy and Elka must be nice to eachother for the sake of George Clooney, but one of them is bound to crack first.
Hot in Cleveland

Joy and Bob go undercover

Joy and Bob go undercover.
Hot in Cleveland

Hot In Cleveland Blooper: Murder House

Rob Schneider gives lap dances to the ladies when they flub their lines.
Hot in Cleveland

Elka runs for city council

After Victoria (Wendie Malick) forgoes the opportunity to run for city council, Elka (Betty White) steps up.
Hot in Cleveland

Victoria Runs for City Council

Victoria (Wendie Malick) decides to run for city council.
Hot in Cleveland

Hot in Cleveland Highlight: The Distraction

When everything is going wrong for the ladies at Maddie Banks' party, the ladies need a distraction to buy more time.
Hot in Cleveland

The Ladies Decide to Take a Trip to New York

The ladies discuss going to New York together to check things off their bucket list.
Hot in Cleveland

Victoria meets her city council opponent

Victoria (Wendie Malick) relaizes she has no shot at winning the election.
Hot in Cleveland

Things Start to Heat Up Between Joy and Bob

Lines get blured when (Jane Leeves) and Bob (Dave Foley) go undercover.
Hot in Cleveland

Elka and Melanie Go Over Jokes

Elka (Betty White) and Melanie (Valerie Bertinelli) discuss jokes that Elka can tell during her campaign.
Hot in Cleveland

Victoria Meets with a Screenwriter

Victoria (Wendie Malick) meets with a screenwriter (Dan Lauria).
Hot in Cleveland

Hot in Cleveland Highlight: I Just Met The Man I'm Going To Marry

The man Joy's in love with only has eyes for Melanie, while Victoria tries to steal a suitcase potentially containing the identities of the Oscar nominees.
Hot in Cleveland

Melanie Takes One for the Team

Melanie (Valerie Bertinelli) agrees to go on a date with Ross Barkley (Chevy Chase).
Hot in Cleveland

Joy Waits for Melanie to Come Back From a Date

Joy (Jane Leeves) anxiously waits for Melanie (Valerie Bertinelli) to come back from a date.
Hot in Cleveland

Joy’s Ego is Threatened

Joy’s (Jane Leeves) ego is threatened when her mother’s boyfriend, who she used to sleep with, claims to not remember her.
Hot in Cleveland

Joy’s Confession

Joy (Jane leeves) reveals to the girls that she slept with her mom’s boyfriend.
Hot in Cleveland

Hot in Cleveland Highlight: People Feeding People

When Melanie reveals Ross Barkley's (Chevy Chase) big secret to the ladies, Elka uses it to her advantage.
Hot in Cleveland

Elka Auctions Off the Girls

The ladies are surprised when Elka auctions them off to raise money for her campaign.
Hot in Cleveland

Victoria Welcomes Home Her Son and His Partner

Victoria (Wendie Malick) welcomes home her son Tony (Chris Colfer) and his "partner" (Sam Daly).
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