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Hot in Cleveland

Wine Times

Victoria (Wendie Malick) prepares for the Oscars while bedridden and accidentally spills wine on herself.
Hot in Cleveland

Melanie Gets Photoshopped

Melanie's (Valerie Bertinelli) billboard photo is photoshopped - she wants to look like that but then her mom (Debra Monk) shows up.
Hot in Cleveland

Elka Greases Some Palms

Elka (Betty White) tries bribing voters to win her election.
Hot in Cleveland

Melanie's Mom Wants To Support Her Diet

Melanie's (Valerie Bertinelli) mom supports her weight loss goal but has a unique way of going about dieting.
Hot in Cleveland

Ladies Be Relaxing

The ladies are enjoying an at home spa day before the Oscars and City Council vote.
Hot in Cleveland

Victoria Practices Losing

Victoria (Wendie Malick) is practicing her reaction for what happens when someone else wins the Academy Award.
Hot in Cleveland

Hot in Cleveland Highlight: Don Elka

Simon does whatever it takes to win back his place in Joy’s heart, even if that means pretending to be someone else.
Hot in Cleveland

Elka's First Love

Elka (Betty White) is surprised when she learns her old flame and first love Stan (Marion Ross) has turned into a woman.
Hot in Cleveland

Hot in Cleveland Highlight: Bad George Clooney

Joy and Elka must be nice to eachother for the sake of George Clooney, but one of them is bound to crack first.
Hot in Cleveland

Elka runs for city council

After Victoria (Wendie Malick) forgoes the opportunity to run for city council, Elka (Betty White) steps up.
Hot in Cleveland

Joy and Bob go undercover

Joy and Bob go undercover.
Hot in Cleveland

Elka Gets Thrown Into a Smear Campaign

Elka gets thrown into a smear campaign
Hot in Cleveland

Victoria Runs for City Council

Victoria (Wendie Malick) decides to run for city council.
Hot in Cleveland

Hot in Cleveland Highlight: The Distraction

When everything is going wrong for the ladies at Maddie Banks' party, the ladies need a distraction to buy more time.
Hot in Cleveland

The Ladies Decide to Take a Trip to New York

The ladies discuss going to New York together to check things off their bucket list.
Hot in Cleveland

Victoria meets her city council opponent

Victoria (Wendie Malick) relaizes she has no shot at winning the election.
Hot in Cleveland

Things Start to Heat Up Between Joy and Bob

Lines get blured when (Jane Leeves) and Bob (Dave Foley) go undercover.
Hot in Cleveland

Hot in Cleveland Highlight: I Just Met The Man I'm Going To Marry

The man Joy's in love with only has eyes for Melanie, while Victoria tries to steal a suitcase potentially containing the identities of the Oscar nominees.
Hot in Cleveland

Hot In Cleveland Highlight: Strange Bedfellows

The ladies begin to question Elka's sanity when she starts to act like she's on "The House of Cards."
Hot in Cleveland

Hot In Cleveland Blooper: Murder House

Rob Schneider gives lap dances to the ladies when they flub their lines.
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