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Hot in Cleveland

Fan Fave Clip: The Making of Hot in Cleveland

The Fan Favorite clip from special episode 'Some Like it HOT'
Hot in Cleveland

Fan Fave Clip: Wrong Victoria

Victoria may or may not be summoned to heaven by a heavenly iPad.
Hot in Cleveland

Fan Fave: Betty White and Ed Asner

Elka (Betty White) and the prestigious country club president (Ed Asner) discuss moonlit walks.
Hot in Cleveland

Fan Fave: It's Rick Springfield! Or is it?

Joy lives out her High School dreams of sleeping with Rick Springfield.
Hot in Cleveland

Fan Fave: Locked in with People You Don't Like

With a manhunt going on outside, the ladies are stuck indoors with a bunch of people they don't like.
Hot in Cleveland

Fan Fave Clip: Victoria's Missing Earring

When the lights go out, Victoria checks for her someone else's cleavage.
Hot in Cleveland

Fan Fave Clip: Sexaholics

When Melanie (Valerie Bertinelli) follows a cute guy into a random meeting at a Cleveland Community Center, she is surprised to find out what kind of meeting it is.
Hot in Cleveland

Fan Fave Clip: Who Gets to Put Victoria in the Chair?

The trip to the Lake House goes awry when Joy finds out the truth about Kyle.
Hot in Cleveland

Emergency Doughnuts

Emergency Doughnuts are in order when stress hits. No doughnuts makes Elka an unhappy camper.
Hot in Cleveland

Johnny Revere Returns

Johnny Revere (Huey Lewis) returns to Cleveland.
Hot in Cleveland

Elka Helps Baron Davis with His Jumpshot

Elka meets Baron Davis and helps him with his jump shot.
Hot in Cleveland

Life With Lucci Sneak Peek

Melanie prepares for a Woman's Day seminar and Victoria's arch nemesis Susan Lucci arrives.
Hot in Cleveland

Preview: Love Is Blind

Victoria's daughter Emmy (Jennifer Love Hewitt) is back for a visit with some very surprising news
Hot in Cleveland

The Magic of Cleveland

Valerie scores a date with a Cleveland football hero while Victoria decides whether to give blood to a car full of clowns.
Hot in Cleveland

Hot in Cleveland: Guest Stars Tim DeKay and Doug Savant

Tim DeKay and Doug Savant guest star on Hot in Cleveland, 'Two Girls and a Rhino'.
Hot in Cleveland

How Did You Guys Meet, Anyway?

Victoria took accents pass/fail at Julliard.
Hot in Cleveland

It's All About the Dress

Melanie is missing her favorite dress and the man (woman) at the dry cleaners is not being helpful.