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Hot in Cleveland

How I Met My Mother?

Melanie, Joy, Elka and ‘Lady Winchester’ stall while Joy gets over the shock of seeing her son, that she gave up for adoption, for the first time.
Hot in Cleveland

Melanie Talks to the Animals

Melanie wants Elka to know that she is NOT 'too drunk' to talk to Owls, she is just drunk enough.
Hot in Cleveland

Melanie Gets Baptised

Melanie gets into some trouble before the wedding.
Hot in Cleveland

The Best of Cedric The Entertainer

See highlights from Cedric The Entertainer on Hot in Cleveland.
Hot in Cleveland

Tap That Booty

The ladies talk about meeting new guys and what to do!
Hot in Cleveland

Cedric The Entertainer on Hot in Cleveland

Cedric The Entertainer gives Elka's fiance (Buck Henry) some marriage advice.
Hot in Cleveland

The Stripper is Here?

Victoria mistakes a real cop for the bachelorette kind.
Hot in Cleveland

Blooper: Betty White gets Tongue Tied

No one makes fun of Betty. Not even a live studio audience.
Hot in Cleveland

Hot in Cleveland: Autotuned!

It's Hot in Cleveland the Autotuned Musical!
Hot in Cleveland

Extreme Bloopers

No one can get their lines right!
Hot in Cleveland

Melanie Finally Gets a Ring

Melanie gets a ring from her date - just not the kind she was expecting.
Hot in Cleveland

The perfect package from head to toe?

Melanie reunites with an old blind date (returning guest star George Newbern).
Hot in Cleveland

Elka Goes Irish

Elka sings a song to Emmy (Jennifer Love Hewitt).
Hot in Cleveland

Victoria Gets a Booty Call

Melanie questions 'no strings attached' sex.
Hot in Cleveland


Hot in Cleveland

Hot in Cleveland: Dancing Queens

Jane took her entire family to a gay bar by accident.
Hot in Cleveland

He's a Wrinkle-Chaser?

Elka schools Victoria on 'Wrinkle Chasers.'
Hot in Cleveland

Victoria and Joy Gain a Pound!

Victoria and Joy are in shock at their 1 pound weight gain.
Hot in Cleveland

Sneak Peek: Dancing Queens

The ladies decide to go dancing to burn off the Cleveland pounds but need local gay best friends to go with.
Hot in Cleveland

Doris Roberts guest stars on Hot in Cleveland

Doris Roberts reminds Betty White about 'Everybody Loves Raymond.'
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