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Hot in Cleveland

Bloopers: Wendie Can't Remember Her Lines

Wendie Malick can't explain her scheme without messing up.
Hot in Cleveland

Cast and Friends: 'Come Back and See Us!'

The cast of Hot in Cleveland has a lot to be thankful for, like great fans and cool guest stars like Dave Foley and Joe Jonas.
Hot in Cleveland

A Special Message from Wendie Malick

Wendie Malick has a personal greeting for Facebook fans of her show Hot in Cleveland.
Hot in Cleveland

The Best of Elka

Elka Ostrovsky is a one-woman quote machine. See why in this montage of her best zingers.
Hot in Cleveland

Bonus: Valerie Offers Joe Jonas $50 for Private Concert

Valerie would like to introduce her stage son, Joe Jonas.
Hot in Cleveland

Joe Jonas Is Hot in Cleveland!

Joe Jonas talks Justin Bieber with Betty White. We can't make this stuff up!
Hot in Cleveland

Star Wendie Malick Answers Fan Questions

Hot in Cleveland's Wendie Malick answers fan questions and discusses her favorite moments.
Hot in Cleveland

All about Elka

Elka may not be the easiest Clevelander to live with, but she has her good points.
Hot in Cleveland

Bonus: How Hot in Cleveland's Stars Get Their Style

We chat with costume designer Lori Eskowitz-Carter, who gives us the inside scoop.
Hot in Cleveland

Bonus: How'd They Get So Hot? Wardrobe on the Set

See what an exciting week in the costume department of Hot in Cleveland is like.
Hot in Cleveland

Bloopers: Wendie Malick is Tongue-Tied

Wendie Malick struggles to keep a straight face on the set.
Hot in Cleveland

Hot in Cleveland Set Tour

Go behind the scenes of the Hot in Cleveland set.
Hot in Cleveland

The Cast and Crew's Favorite Scenes

The Cast and Producers share their favorite scenes.
Hot in Cleveland

Victoria's Japanese 'Lady Pants' Commercial

See the 'Mrs. Lady Pants' commercial in its entirety -- and consider yourself warned.
Hot in Cleveland

There's No Place Like Home

Victoria, Joy and Melanie weather a storm in their kitchen and ponder the meaning of LeBron James.
Hot in Cleveland

Blooper: Valerie Has a Tough Day on the Set

Valerie is struck with a particularly funny case of klutziness.
Hot in Cleveland

Hot in Cleveland Cast: We Love Our Age!

The cast talks about their age and what it means to them to be older.
Hot in Cleveland

Casting Hot in Cleveland

The producers and cast talk about the casting process for Hot in Cleveland.
Hot in Cleveland

Bloopers: Drinking, Thinking and Throwing Up

Valerie Bertinelli can't stop laughing as her date lingers on the verge of getting sick.
Hot in Cleveland

Bloopers: Liar!

Valerie tries to catch Betty off guard, but Betty gets the last laugh.