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Hot in Cleveland

Victoria's Japanese 'Lady Pants' Commercial

See the 'Mrs. Lady Pants' commercial in its entirety -- and consider yourself warned.
Hot in Cleveland

There's No Place Like Home

Victoria, Joy and Melanie weather a storm in their kitchen and ponder the meaning of LeBron James.
Hot in Cleveland

Blooper: Valerie Has a Tough Day on the Set

Valerie is struck with a particularly funny case of klutziness.
Hot in Cleveland

Hot in Cleveland Cast: We Love Our Age!

The cast talks about their age and what it means to them to be older.
Hot in Cleveland

Casting Hot in Cleveland

The producers and cast talk about the casting process for Hot in Cleveland.
Hot in Cleveland

Bloopers: Drinking, Thinking and Throwing Up

Valerie Bertinelli can't stop laughing as her date lingers on the verge of getting sick.
Hot in Cleveland

Bloopers: Liar!

Valerie tries to catch Betty off guard, but Betty gets the last laugh.
Hot in Cleveland

Bloopers: Telemundo

Everyone laughs at Betty White's delivery. Except Betty.
Hot in Cleveland

Premiere Party: Sean Hayes' Toast

Sean Hayes makes a toast to the premiere of Hot in Cleveland.
Hot in Cleveland

Premiere Party: Reviews from the cast

The cast and producer Sean Hayes discuss watching the Hot in Cleveland screening with friends.
Hot in Cleveland

Cast Interview: Chemistry

The Hot in Cleveland cast discusses how well they click -- on and off the set.
Hot in Cleveland

Working on a Multi-Camera Sitcom

The cast and producers discuss working on a traditional sitcom setup.
Hot in Cleveland

Betty White's Favorite Foods

Betty White dishes on her "health freak" diet from the set of Hot in Cleveland.
Hot in Cleveland

On-Set Interview with Betty White

Betty White chats about the great chemistry on the set of Hot in Cleveland.
Hot in Cleveland

Elka runs for city council

After Victoria (Wendie Malick) forgoes the opportunity to run for city council, Elka (Betty White) steps up.
Hot in Cleveland

Joy and Bob go undercover

Joy and Bob go undercover.
Hot in Cleveland

Elka Gets Thrown Into a Smear Campaign

Elka gets thrown into a smear campaign
Hot in Cleveland

Victoria Runs for City Council

Victoria (Wendie Malick) decides to run for city council.
Hot in Cleveland

Victoria meets her city council opponent

Victoria (Wendie Malick) relaizes she has no shot at winning the election.
Hot in Cleveland

Things Start to Heat Up Between Joy and Bob

Lines get blured when (Jane Leeves) and Bob (Dave Foley) go undercover.