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Hot in Cleveland

The Men of Hot in Cleveland

Cleveland can be tough on single men, and here's proof!
Hot in Cleveland

Premiere Party: Hot in Cleveland

We rolled out the red carpet for the stars of Hot in Cleveland.
Hot in Cleveland

Talkin' TV Land on the Red Carpet

The stars talk about the new era of TV Land.
Hot in Cleveland

A Toast to Hot in Cleveland Season 2

The Hot in Cleveland cast toasts to the premiere of Season 2... and spills.
Hot in Cleveland

Facebook People: We Need Your Help!

The cast of Hot in Cleveland needs friends on Facebook, stat!
Hot in Cleveland

Thank You, Facebook Fans!

The cast wants to thank all their Facebook fans for their ongoing support.
Hot in Cleveland

Hot In Cleveland Glossary: Moobs

What exactly are 'moobs'? Find out in this educational clip!
Hot in Cleveland

Hot In Cleveland Glossary: Empire State Building Moment

Romantic comedy fans like Melanie know exactly an 'Empire State Building moment' is.
Hot in Cleveland

What Has the Cast Learned from Each Other?

Facebook fans asked, and the ladies reveal how crazy they are about one another.
Hot in Cleveland

What did the cast do between seasons?

Betty White didn't spend time in the can -- er, we mean Cannes, but her co-stars did.
Hot in Cleveland

On Set Energy

The cast describes the bubbly energy on the Hot in Cleveland set.
Hot in Cleveland

Best of Cleveland: A Christmas Story House

Did you know the actual house from A Christmas Story is in Cleveland? Come take a look!
Hot in Cleveland

Holiday Traditions from Hot in Cleveland

The ladies of Hot in Cleveland talk about their favorite on-set holiday traditions.
Hot in Cleveland

Betty White, It's Your Line!

Betty White is nearly always precise with her cues, but maybe that Champagne has gotten to her.
Hot in Cleveland

The Best of Melanie

She's spontaneous, emotional, transparent, cute as a button -- and curses like a sailor when provoked!
Hot in Cleveland

Bloopers: Who's Rick?

Who is this Rick character, anyway? The ladies laugh as Valerie Bertinelli goes off script.
Hot in Cleveland

Wendie Malick on Hot in Cleveland, Success and Maturity

Wendie had a gut feeling the show would be a success, but thanks Betty White for empowering the cast.
Hot in Cleveland

Bloopers: Handsy Much?

When you don't got it, flaunt it! Garbled lines are the order of the day on Hot in Cleveland.
Hot in Cleveland

The Best of Victoria

Soap opera star, Botox enthusiast, Japanese hygiene spokeswoman and all prima donna.
Hot in Cleveland

Bloopers: Valerie Can't Stop Laughing

Valerie Bertinelli is having trouble staying in character without cracking up.