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Hot in Cleveland

Hot in Cleveland Auto-tuned

In the ‘Battle of the Bands’ episode, the ladies discover auto-tuning makes everything sound better.
Hot in Cleveland

Victoria Needs to Age Up for a Role

Victoria requires old lady acting tips.
Hot in Cleveland

I'm in a Rock Band!?

The cast discuss their rock band costumes.
Hot in Cleveland

Melanie and the Battle of the Bands

Melanie was just hired for 'Woman's Day' and needs something to write about.
Hot in Cleveland

The Blues Brothers Inspire the Ladies

Instead of practicing the women focus on their costumes, without much success.
Hot in Cleveland

Birthdates Revealed

Last season's cliffhanger left us wondering what happens next for Elka
Hot in Cleveland

The Scoop on John Mahoney

John Mahoney fit in seamlessly with the Hot in Cleveland cast.
Hot in Cleveland

What Type of Man do You Want?

Joy wants a 'leading man' as a date.
Hot in Cleveland

Meet Melanie's Date

Melanie's date, Dr. Doug, looks more like Jesus.
Hot in Cleveland


It was impossible not to crack up while taping the accents scene.
Hot in Cleveland

'Hunting Wabbits'

This is not the way to greet someone at the door.
Hot in Cleveland

Amish Bar

This was one of Wendie's favorite episodes.
Hot in Cleveland

Elka's Computer

In the search for clues, the ladies have bigger problems than Joy's hands.
Hot in Cleveland

Meet Cleveland Cavalier Shooting Coach Jason Disbrow

Isaiah Mustafah guest stars on Hot in Cleveland.
Hot in Cleveland

Blooper: Betty and the Girdle

Call it what you want, Betty knows it's a girdle.
Hot in Cleveland

Victoria Chase as Erica Kane's Maid

Victoria Chase plays Erica Kane's maid on All my Children.
Hot in Cleveland

Wendie Malick on Susan Lucci

Wendie Malick loves working with Susan Lucci.
Hot in Cleveland

I Love Lucci Pt. 1 Recap

Jane Leeves recaps I Love Lucci Pt. 1
Hot in Cleveland

Susan Lucci vs. Victoria Chase

The two long time rivals are about to get it on.
Hot in Cleveland

The Rare Betty White Blooper

We've never seen this before: Betty White can't stop laughing!
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