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Hot in Cleveland

Jane Leeves: Advice to William and Kate on their marriage

Jane Leeves gives marriage advice to the new royal couple.
Hot in Cleveland

Happy Birthday Jane Leeves!

Valerie Bertinelli, Betty White, and Wendie Malick wish Jane Leeves a happy birthday.
Hot in Cleveland

Hot in Cleveland: The funniest moments from Season 2

Watch the most hilarious scenes from Season 2.
Hot in Cleveland

Behind the Scenes: What Does an A.D. Do?

Meet Robin, the Second Assistant Director.
Hot in Cleveland

How The Scripts are Developed

The producers of Hot in Cleveland explain script development.
Hot in Cleveland

Meet Cleveland Cavalier Shooting Coach Jason Disbrow

Isaiah Mustafah guest stars on Hot in Cleveland.
Hot in Cleveland

Blooper: Betty and the Girdle

Call it what you want, Betty knows it's a girdle.
Hot in Cleveland

What's The Favorite Part of Playing Your Character?

They are all just thrilled to be here!
Hot in Cleveland

Betty White Names The New Hot in Cleveland Dog

He won't be stuck with the nickname 'Dummy' for long.
Hot in Cleveland

Victoria Chase as Erica Kane's Maid

Victoria Chase plays Erica Kane's maid on All my Children.
Hot in Cleveland

Wendie Malick on Susan Lucci

Wendie Malick loves working with Susan Lucci.
Hot in Cleveland

I Love Lucci Pt. 1 Recap

Jane Leeves recaps I Love Lucci Pt. 1
Hot in Cleveland

Susan Lucci vs. Victoria Chase

The two long time rivals are about to get it on.
Hot in Cleveland

The Rare Betty White Blooper

We've never seen this before: Betty White can't stop laughing!
Hot in Cleveland

Does the Cast Improvise?

The Hot in Cleveland cast tries to stick with the script because they trust their writers.
Hot in Cleveland

Working with Melanie Griffith

Wendie Malick and Melanie Griffith had a great time working together.
Hot in Cleveland

Favorite Moments from Season 2

The producers of Hot in Cleveland loved having Carl Reiner and Mary Tyler Moore on set.
Hot in Cleveland

Working with Millie Martin

Betty White gets to call her BFF Millie a pig -- and worse!
Hot in Cleveland

How to Get Great Guest Stars

The producers of Hot in Cleveland discuss how they get those wonderful guests.