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Hot in Cleveland

Betty White IS "Forever Young"

If you love Betty White as Elka on Hot in Cleveland, you're going to love the sassy seniors on TV Land's Forever Young. Don't miss the series premiere this Wednesday at 10PM/9C!
Hot in Cleveland

Back To The Grind: Betty White

Betty White attempts to create her own cooking show. Watch Betty White reunite with the cast of the Mary Tyler Moore Show Wednesday, September 4th at 10/9C on TV Land!
Hot in Cleveland

Hot in Cleveland: Back-to-Back Episodes Weeknights at 10/9C

Hot in Cleveland airs back-to-back episodes weeknights at 10/9C on TV Land!
Hot in Cleveland

Hot in Cleveland Highlight: What Now, My Love?

Big changes for the ladies in the Season Finale of Hot in Cleveland!
Hot in Cleveland

Hot in Cleveland Season Premiere: LIVE!

Hot in Cleveland is airing LIVE when the show returns June 19 10/9C on TV Land.
Hot in Cleveland

Betty White showers with Ryan Gosling

Elka (Betty White) tries to impress her boyfriend Pierre (Regis Philban) by taking on his grandson Flat Stanley project. Meanwhile, Victoria's (Wendie malick) movie is ending and she's unsure where that leaves her relationship with Emmet(Alan Dale).
Hot in Cleveland

Hot in Cleveland Highlight: Fast and Furious

'Girls Weekend' gone bad.
Hot in Cleveland

Hot in Cleveland Highlight: The Anger Games

A simple Game Night among friends turns ugly. And Melanie stinks at the game.
Hot in Cleveland

Hot in Cleveland Highlight: The Conversation

Victoria gets a little help from an unlikely source, her boyfriend's ex-wife. (Heather Dubrow guest stars)
Hot in Cleveland

Hot in Cleveland Highlight: Extras

Elka and Mamie Sue may not be the best choice to babysit Wilbur based on his new vocabulary.
Hot in Cleveland

Hot in Cleveland Highlight: Magic Diet Candy

Joy and her mother, Phillipa (Juliet Mills), uncover family skeletons during little Wilbur's christening.
Hot in Cleveland

Reveal of Elka's Fresco

Elka (White)fresco is revealed at Wilbur’s christening.
Hot in Cleveland

Philipa giving Owen the baby book

Joy (Leeves) tries to avoid friction with her mom (Juliet Mills) and makes her son Owen(McMillian) pretend to be someone else.
Hot in Cleveland

Melanie and Alec First Time

Melanie (Bertenilli) wants her first time with Alec to be perfect, but ends up "fake-porning" it.
Hot in Cleveland

Telling Secrets

Joy (Leeves) decides to tell her new love interest, played by Cameron Mathinson, a little secret about her friend Victoria (Malick).
Hot in Cleveland

You Can't Be His Wife

Victoria (wendie Malick) questions her relationship when a woman from Emmet's (Alan Dale) past shows up.
Hot in Cleveland

Game Night

Melanie (Bertinelli) sets Joy (Leeves) up with her boyfriend's (Jay Harrington) friend, Bill (Cameron Mathison) and everything comes to a head at the ladies' monthly game night.
Hot in Cleveland

I Love You

Joy (Jane Leeves) falls for a handsome doctor (Robbie Amell) but he has just one flaw.
Hot in Cleveland

Wilbur Speaks

Joy (Jane Leeves) gives strict orders to Maime (Georgia Engel) and Elka (Betty White) about how to take care of Wilbur, but a surprise may be in store for Joy.