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Hot in Cleveland

You Can't Be His Wife

Victoria (wendie Malick) questions her relationship when a woman from Emmet's (Alan Dale) past shows up.
Hot in Cleveland

Game Night

Melanie (Bertinelli) sets Joy (Leeves) up with her boyfriend's (Jay Harrington) friend, Bill (Cameron Mathison) and everything comes to a head at the ladies' monthly game night.
Hot in Cleveland

I Love You

Joy (Jane Leeves) falls for a handsome doctor (Robbie Amell) but he has just one flaw.
Hot in Cleveland

Wilbur Speaks

Joy (Jane Leeves) gives strict orders to Maime (Georgia Engel) and Elka (Betty White) about how to take care of Wilbur, but a surprise may be in store for Joy.
Hot in Cleveland

The Introduction

Victoria (Wendie Malick) and Emmet (Alan Dale) are not pleased with Joy (Jane Leeves) dating Emmet's (Dale) brother played by Nicholas Bishop.
Hot in Cleveland

Elevator and Bronies

Joy (Leeves) fantasy of dating a hot fireman may be coming to an unsuspecting end.
Hot in Cleveland

Hot in Cleveland Highlight: A Box Full of Puppies

During a trip to the vet, Elka tries to teach Mamie how to flirt. Joy's turned on by the idea of male pet-owners - especially when a smoldering fireman walks in. Victoria's interviewed by her daughter about second acts in life.
Hot in Cleveland

An Invite to Cleveland Fantasy Con

Joy (Leeves) gets un expected invitation to Cleveland Fantasy Con.
Hot in Cleveland

Hot in Cleveland Highlight: GILFS

Joy gets 'GILF'ed by Elka and Mamie Sue. Georgia Engel guest stars.
Hot in Cleveland

Cleveland GILFS

Elka and Mamie create an ad for Cleveland GILFS with Joy's help. Watch Hot in Cleveland on Wednesday at 10:00PM ET/PT on TV Land!
Hot in Cleveland

Melanie Texts Alec

Joy tries to stop Melanie from texting Alec. Watch Hot in Cleveland on Wednesday at 10:00PM ET/PT on TV Land!
Hot in Cleveland

Hot in Cleveland Highlight: Method Man

Joy's new 'midlife' tattoo fails to impress her new classmates.
Hot in Cleveland

Do I Know You

Melanie (Bertinelli) enlists the help of her friends to sneak into her boyfriendÂ’s apartment.
Hot in Cleveland

Joy has a Surprise

Joy (Jane Leeves) has a special surprise for her college classmates.
Hot in Cleveland

A Heart to Heart

After getting ridicule by her classmates Joy (Leeves), decides to have a one on one with Elka (White) on why college may not be for her.
Hot in Cleveland

Hot in Cleveland Highlight: A Midwinter Night's Sex Comedy

The ladies indulge in cupcakes and french fries to support Victoria.
Hot in Cleveland

Hot in Cleveland Highlight: That Changes Everything

Joy's quest to be the perfect grandmother is not going so smoothly.
Hot in Cleveland

Heather and Val at Dinner

Melanie's (Bertinelli) boss, Chole (Locklear) puts her in an awkward position with her attractive co-worker, Alec ( Harrington).
Hot in Cleveland

Regis Returns

In the Season 4 premiere, the ladies learn the identity of the baby who was left on their doorstep. Meanwhile, Melanie (Valerie Bertinelli) gets a job offer from a public-relations firm; and Elka (Betty White) tries to regain the upper hand with Pierre (Regis Philbin).
Hot in Cleveland

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