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Hot in Cleveland

Bonus: Valerie Offers Joe Jonas $50 for Private Concert

Valerie would like to introduce her stage son, Joe Jonas.
Hot in Cleveland

Joe Jonas Is Hot in Cleveland!

Joe Jonas talks Justin Bieber with Betty White. We can't make this stuff up!
Hot in Cleveland

Bloopers: Wendie Malick is Tongue-Tied

Wendie Malick struggles to keep a straight face on the set.
Hot in Cleveland

Victoria's Japanese 'Lady Pants' Commercial

See the 'Mrs. Lady Pants' commercial in its entirety -- and consider yourself warned.
Hot in Cleveland

Blooper: Valerie Has a Tough Day on the Set

Valerie is struck with a particularly funny case of klutziness.
Hot in Cleveland

Bloopers: Drinking, Thinking and Throwing Up

Valerie Bertinelli can't stop laughing as her date lingers on the verge of getting sick.
Hot in Cleveland

Bloopers: Liar!

Valerie tries to catch Betty off guard, but Betty gets the last laugh.
Hot in Cleveland

Bloopers: Telemundo

Everyone laughs at Betty White's delivery. Except Betty.

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