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Hot in Cleveland


Hot in Cleveland

Elka Goes Irish

Elka sings a song to Emmy (Jennifer Love Hewitt).
Hot in Cleveland

Susan Lucci vs. Victoria Chase

The two long time rivals are about to get it on.
Hot in Cleveland

Working with Mary Tyler Moore

Betty and the cast talk about working with guest star Mary Tyler Moore.
Hot in Cleveland

Working with Millie Martin

Betty White gets to call her BFF Millie a pig -- and worse!
Hot in Cleveland

Working with Melanie Griffith

Wendie Malick and Melanie Griffith had a great time working together.
Hot in Cleveland

The Rare Betty White Blooper

We've never seen this before: Betty White can't stop laughing!
Hot in Cleveland

I Love Lucci Pt. 1 Recap

Jane Leeves recaps I Love Lucci Pt. 1
Hot in Cleveland

Victoria Chase as Erica Kane's Maid

Victoria Chase plays Erica Kane's maid on All my Children.
Hot in Cleveland

Birthdates Revealed

Last season's cliffhanger left us wondering what happens next for Elka
Hot in Cleveland

Victoria Needs to Age Up for a Role

Victoria requires old lady acting tips.
Hot in Cleveland

Melanie Finally Gets a Ring

Melanie gets a ring from her date - just not the kind she was expecting.
Hot in Cleveland

Blooper: Betty White gets Tongue Tied

No one makes fun of Betty. Not even a live studio audience.
Hot in Cleveland

Hot in Cleveland: Autotuned!

It's Hot in Cleveland the Autotuned Musical!
Hot in Cleveland

The Stripper is Here?

Victoria mistakes a real cop for the bachelorette kind.
Hot in Cleveland

Cedric The Entertainer on Hot in Cleveland

Cedric The Entertainer gives Elka's fiance (Buck Henry) some marriage advice.
Hot in Cleveland

Tap That Booty

The ladies talk about meeting new guys and what to do!
Hot in Cleveland

Melanie Talks to the Animals

Melanie wants Elka to know that she is NOT 'too drunk' to talk to Owls, she is just drunk enough.
Hot in Cleveland

Melanie Gets Baptised

Melanie gets into some trouble before the wedding.
Hot in Cleveland

Amish Bar

This was one of Wendie's favorite episodes.
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