Free Elka Part 2

Episode: 201 | Aired:

Elka reunites with an old friend as the ladies struggle to raise bail money. Guest Stars: Mary Tyler Moore, Wayne Knight

Bad Bromance

Episode: 202 | Aired:

When Melanie meets her boyfriend's family, she finds two big obstacles -- his mother and brother. Guest Stars: Bonnie Franklin, Wayne Knight, John Schneider

Hot For Lawyer

Episode: 204 | Aired:

The ladies compete for the affection of Elka's attractive new lawyer; Elka gets more bad news. Guest Stars: Sherri Shepherd, Carl Reiner

Sisterhood of the Traveling SPANX®

Episode: 203 | Aired:

A pair of 'magic SPANX' come into the ladies' lives and leads them to unexpected adventures. Guest Stars: Jack Wagner, Melanie Griffith

I Love Lucci Part 1

Episode: 205 | Aired:

The ladies return to L.A for the first since moving to Cleveland for Victoria's All My Children appearance; Melanie sells her house. Guest Stars: Susan Lucci, Jimmy Kimmel, Peri Gilpin

I Love Lucci Part 2

Episode: 206 | Aired:

The ladies' L.A adventures continue, and Elka's quest for the movie star of her dreams results in a surprise meeting. Guest Stars: Susan Lucci

Dog Tricks, Sex Flicks & Joy's Fix

Episode: 207 | Aired:

Joy meets a wonderful guy in the waiting room of her therapist; Elka trains a rescue dog; Victoria makes a sex tape.

LeBron is Le Gone

Episode: 208 | Aired:

Melanie dates a basketball coach for the Cavaliers who still isn't over LeBron James leaving Cleveland. Guest Stars: Jon Lovitz

Elka's Snowbird

Episode: 209 | Aired:

Elka tries to convince Max, who is pining to fly to Florida, that she can keep him warm in the cold Cleveland winter. Guest Stars: Carl Reiner

Law & Elka

Episode: 210 | Aired:

Elka's trial has come at last, and her fate will be decided. What will the verdict be? Guest Stars: Sherri Shepherd, Amy Sedaris

Where's Elka? Part 2

Episode: 211 | Aired:

Elka's on the lam and the women go looking for her in Amish country. Guest Stars: Amy Sedaris, George Wendt

How I Met My Mother

Episode: 212 | Aired:

The son that Joy gave up for adoption stops by for a surprise visit.

Unseparated at Birthdates

Episode: 215 | Aired:

In this birthdates episode: Elka plays dumb to land a rich bachelor, Melanie's date is holier than thou, Joy only likes hers when he's not himself and Victoria gets double what she bargained for. Guest Star: John Mahoney

Battle of the Bands

Episode: 214 | Aired:

Melanie decides to form a band with her friends and compete in a local Battle of the Bands for her new column for Woman's Day. Guest Stars: Wayne Knight

Love Thy Neighbor

Episode: 216 | Aired:

When Melanie suspects Joy might be using drugs, she recruits neighbor Rick (Wayne Knight) to help her find out. Guest Stars: Wayne Knight

Dancing Queens

Episode: 213 | Aired:

The ladies decide to go dancing to burn off the Cleveland pounds but need local gay best friends to go with. Guest Stars: Doris Roberts, Antonio Sabato, Jr.

The Emmy Show

Episode: 221 | Aired:

Victoria's daughter, Emmy, visits and Victoria enlists Elka, and her Irish accent, to convince Emmy not to publish a tell-all book about her childhood. Guest Stars: Jennifer Love Hewitt

Arch Enemies

Episode: 222 | Aired:

Victoria and Joy hatch a plan to get revenge on prankster Colin Cooper, Victoria's smooth-talking nemesis and co-anchor at Chanel 7.

Too Hot For TV

Episode: 218 | Aired:

Highlights featuring the funniest and memorable moments from this season.

Indecent Proposals

Episode: 217 | Aired:

Melanie writes a column for Woman's Day Magazine that asks the question, 'Can Women Have Sex With No Strings?' Guest Stars: Huey Lewis


Episode: 219 | Aired:

Elka and her fiance Fred meet with Reverend Boyce to plan their simple wedding ceremony. Guest Stars: Cedric the Entertainer

Elka's Wedding Part 1

Episode: 220 | Aired:

It's Elka's wedding day but Melanie, Joy, and Victoria wake up with no recollection of Elka's bachelorette party the night before. Guest Stars: Carl Reiner, Don Rickles