Episode: 101 | Aired:

Three best friends from Los Angeles discover they are 'hot' in Cleveland. Guest Star: John Schneider

Who's Your Mama?

Episode: 102 | Aired:

Joy's new date ends up exposing an old secret.


Episode: 103 | Aired:

The ladies set each other up on blind dates, with mixed results. Guest Stars: Carl Reiner

The Sex That Got Away

Episode: 105 | Aired:

The ladies attend a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame event, where Victoria reunites with an old musician flame. Guest Stars: Huey Lewis

Good Neighbors

Episode: 106 | Aired:

Melanie throws a party, and in the process makes the wrong impression on one of her neighbors. Guest Stars: Wayne Knight, Carl Reiner

Meet the Parents

Episode: 104 | Aired:

When Melanie's mother and Victoria's father come for a visit on the same weekend, the ladies are forced to confront old patterns.

It's Not That Complicated

Episode: 107 | Aired:

Elka must decide between two senior suitors; Melanie's ex comes to woo her. Guest Stars: Carl Reiner, Tim Conway

The Play's The Thing

Episode: 108 | Aired:

When Victoria volunteers with a local high school play, the students wind up doing her version of "Romeo and Juliet."

Good Luck Faking the Goiter

Episode: 109 | Aired:

During a visit from Melanie's secretive son, she invades his privacy and learns a little too much about him. Guest Stars: Joe Jonas, Dave Foley.

Tornado Part 1

Episode: 110 | Aired:

When a tornado threatens to hit Cleveland, the ladies find way more than just shelter in Elka's secret storm cellar. Guest Stars: Susan Lucci

Hot in Cleveland: Behind the Hotness Special

Episode: 150 | Aired:

Go behind-the-scenes of the hit TV Land sitcom for an insider's look at never-before-aired bloopers from Season 1, the cast's favorite moments, guest stars and peek at Season 2.