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Dave Foley

TV Land is excited to announce Dave Foley Hot in Cleveland guest starring as Bob, a private investigator.

Born January 4, 1963, Foley grew up in Toronto, Canada. As a kid, he loved watching comedy shows, particularly The Dick Van Dyke Show, with his family. He was extremely shy as a child, but he still showed an interest in comedy and spent his free time writing stories and jokes. He eventually overcame his shyness and dropped out of school to pursue a career as a standup comedian.

When he enrolled in classes at Toronto's Second City Theatre, he met fellow comedian Kevin McDonald, and they formed a double act. The two performed together during the 80s and later created the comedy group "The Kids in the Hall" with comedians Mark McKinney, Bruce McCulloch and Scott Thompson. This comedy troupe gained the attention of Lorne Michaels, which led to a TV show that debuted in Canada in 1988. The Kids in the Hall premiered in America a year later. During its five seasons, the show won a few Gemini awards and earned several Emmy nominations. Foley's additional television credits include NewsRadio, Committed, Becker, Just Shoot Me, What's New, Scooby Doo?, The King of Queens, Will & Grace, Dan Vs. and The Middle.

Foley has appeared in several movies as well. His acting and voiceover work includes It's Pat, The Wrong Guy, Hacks, Blast from the Past, Toy Story 2, Stark Raving Mad, Employee of the Month, Sky High, Cars, Last Call and A Bug's Life. He also lent his voice to the upcoming Disney/Pixar movie Monsters University.

Foley has also experienced a career behind the camera as a writer, director and producer. He currently lives in Los Angeles and has three children.

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Hot in Cleveland TV Schedule

June 25
Melanie drives herself crazy wondering if Alec heard her confess her feelings for him. Guest Stars: Georgia Engel, Pat Harrington
A Box Full of Puppies
At the veterinarian's office, Elka tries to teach Mamie how to flirt and Joy is turned on by a hot fireman who walks in. Victoria's daughter interviews her about second acts in life. Guest Stars: Eddie Cibrian, Georgia Engel
Cleveland Fantasy Con
Melanie's embroiled in an office love triangle. Joy learns a tidbit about Sean that threatens her fireman fantasy. Victoria's insecurity leads her to extremes. Guest Stars: Heather Locklear, Eddie Cibrian, Georgia Engel
June 28
Magic Diet Candy
Joy's mom meets her new family members at Wilbur's christening. To avoid friction with her mom, Joy makes her son Owen pretend to be someone else. Elka touches up a church fresco. Victoria's incessant Emmet talk annoys Melanie.
Melanie seeks perfection but ends up "fake-porning" her first time with Alec. Joy meets a forbidden love interest on Victoria and Emmet's movie set. Elka and Mamie are bad influences on the baby. Guest star: Georgia Engel
June 29
The Conversation
Victoria has doubts about her relationship with Emmet when a woman from his past shows up. Melanie and Elka deal with an unwanted house guest. Joy falls for a handsome doctor who has just one flaw. Guest Stars: Heather Dubrow
The Anger Games
Melanie sets Joy up with her boyfriend's friend, Bill. Elka takes over as Victoria's agent. Secrets and gossip circulate and come to a head at the ladies' monthly game night.