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Returns March 18

Hot in Cleveland Highlight: One Wedding and One Funeral

With the ladies' help, Joy decides whether or not she's going to tell Bob how she feels about him. (02:23)

Hot In Cleveland: Season 5 Now Available

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Betty White's 93rd Birthday Flash Mob

Every day on set, Betty is greeted by her assistant with a hula - today's hula dance was a very special surprise in honor of her 93rd birthday! Watch Betty on Hot in Cleveland Wednesdays 10/9C on TV Land! (02:23)

Hot in Cleveland Highlight: About a Joy

Joy sees Bob in a new light when he helps Joy’s grandson deal with the school bully. (02:23)

Hot In Cleveland Highlight: We Could Be Royals

When Joy's sister comes to visit, Elka's eager to give her a makeover. (02:23)

Hot in Cleveland Highlight: Bad Boys

Joy discovers a big secret Victoria's father has been keeping. (02:23)

Hot in Cleveland Highlight: Victoria's Dilemma

After Victoria does a nude scene for her new HBO series, her curiousity sends her to visit the video editor for a sneak peek. (02:23)

Hot in Cleveland Highlight: Joy Makes A Friend

When Joy needs to make more holiday decisions, she seeks the voice that sounds most like her mothers'. (02:23)

Hot in Cleveland Highlight: Melanie vs Sally

Melanie and Sally face-off to see who will win the Holiday Lights Contest. (02:23)

Hot in Cleveland Highlight: Out of Our Minds

When it comes time for Elka to make an important decision, her conscious has her covered. (02:23)

Hot in Cleveland Highlight: Tazed and Confused

Elka and Melanie team up to play "Secret Words" against Elka's nemesis, Agnes Bratford. (02:23)

Hot in Cleveland Highlight: Naked and Afraid

Melanie tries to find out if her cute new neighbor saw her naked through the window. (02:23)

Hot in Cleveland Highlight: Bossy Cups

Just when Elka was about to change her mind about Jim, he convinces her otherwise. (02:23)

Hot In Cleveland Highlight: Fear and Loathing in Los Angeles

Just when things start looking up for the ladies in Los Angeles, things start to come right back down. (02:23)

Hot in Cleveland Highlight: Comfort and Joy

Joy decides who she's going to marry! (02:23)

Hot In Cleveland Blooper: Murder House

Rob Schneider gives lap dances to the ladies when they flub their lines. (02:23)

TV Land Studios: Donald Faison Needs Jane Leeves To Translate

When a fan from Britain comes to visit Donald Faison, he needs help understanding her. (20:00)

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Hot in Cleveland TV Schedule

March 7
Comfort and Joy
Joy decides whether to marry Mitch, Simon, or Bob. Victoria’s new CGI movie proves challenging in ways she didn’t expect. Elka tries to bring film jobs to Cleveland.
March 14
Fear and Loathing in Los Angeles
The ladies head to L.A. to meet Zed Simms, the creator of Victoria’s new TV show. Elka tries to convince Zed to move the production to Cleveland.
March 16
Bossy Cups
Inspirational coffee sleeves encourage the women to try new things. Joy helps Victoria create lifestyle videos for her website. Melanie tries to install shelves without Frankie’s help. Elka stirs up romance with Jim.

About Hot in Cleveland

Hot in Cleveland revolves around three fabulous L.A. women of a certain age who are best friends( Valerie Bertinelli , Jane Leeves and Wendie Malick.) Their lives are changed forever when their plane -- headed to Paris for a girls-only celebration -- unexpectedly lands in Cleveland and they soon rediscover themselves in a new 'promised land'. Loving their new home, the women find themselves living under one roof and battling the sassy caretaker (Betty White) of the property they have rented. Watch new episodes Wednesdays at 10/9c!