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Hot in Cleveland Highlight: Philipa Meets Bob

Bob picks up Joy's mother from the airport. (26:54)

Hot in Cleveland Highlight: What Lies Ahead

Philipa is enchanted by Bob's flattery. (26:54)

Hot in Cleveland Highlight: Wedding Dress

Philipa apologizes to Joy while she tries on her wedding dress. (26:54)

Hot in Cleveland Highlight: Two Grandmas

Penny (Carol Burnett) and Elka compete for the role of "Grandma" on stage with Tony (Chris Colfer). (26:54)

Hot in Cleveland Highlight: Butts

Joy and Melanie suspect that a waiter has been inappropriate at work. (26:54)

Hot in Cleveland Highlight: The Audition

Penny (Carol Burnett) shows up to audition for the same part as Elka. (26:54)

Hot in Cleveland Highlight: Kitchen Nightmare

Victoria deals with a soft-spoken food critic while Melanie and Victoria struggle with the kitchen. (26:54)

Hot in Cleveland Highlight: Calendar Girls

Just when Elka thought everyone was on board for their nude calendar for charity, her friends begin to have second thoughts. (26:54)

Hot in Cleveland Highlight: Dirty Cake

Melanie makes sure there is absolutely nothing dirty on her wedding cake. (26:54)

Hot in Cleveland: HOT New Season

Hot in Cleveland is hotter than ever this #FarewellSeason! Watch new episodes Wednesdays at 10/9c. (26:54)

Hot In Cleveland Highlight: Stage Kiss

Victoria and Dane share an on-stage kiss in front of Melanie. (26:54)

Hot In Cleveland Highlight: The Grill

Elka makes an appearance on "The Grill". (26:54)

Hot In Cleveland Highlight: Elka The Tiger

Elka wears an adorable tiger costume. (26:54)

Hot in Cleveland: Bob's Gift to Joy

Joy loves receiving presents, or at least she used to. (26:54)

Hot in Cleveland Highlight: Melanie Finally Tells The Truth

When Melanie drugs her boyfriend with estrogen, she's forced to come clean. (26:54)

Hot in Cleveland Highlight: The Ladies Reveal Family Secrets

The ladies make startling discoveries about their ancestries. (26:54)

Hot in Cleveland Highlight: Melanie's Hot Cousin

Melanie pretends to be someone else when she meets a handsome relative. (26:54)

Hot in Cleveland Highlight: Victoria Gets In Touch With Her Roots

Victoria gets in touch with her Native American roots. (26:54)

Hot in Cleveland: Classic Elka

Watch Elka on Hot in Cleveland Wednesdays at 10/9c! (26:54)

Hot in Cleveland Highlight: Who's That Girl?

Melanie decides to put up an old photo of herself, but no one can recognize her. (26:54)

Hot in Cleveland Highlight: Scandalous

Bob and Joy channel their inner Olivia Pope to save Elka. (26:54)

Hot in Cleveland: Shonda (Gladys Knight) Sings For Elka

Miss Shonda (Gladys Knight) sings a bit of "Amazing Grace" for Elka. (26:55)

Hot in Cleveland Highlight: One Wedding and One Funeral

With the ladies' help, Joy decides whether or not she's going to tell Bob how she feels about him. (26:55)

Hot In Cleveland: Season 5 Now Available

Order the Season 5 DVD today! Watch new episodes of Hot in Cleveland Wednesdays at 10/9C! (26:55)

Hot In Cleveland Blooper: Murder House

Rob Schneider gives lap dances to the ladies when they flub their lines. (26:55)

TV Land Studios: Donald Faison Needs Jane Leeves To Translate

When a fan from Britain comes to visit Donald Faison, he needs help understanding her. (20:00)

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Hot in Cleveland TV Schedule

May 25
One Wedding and One Funeral
Joy competes with Canadian Joy for Bob’s affection. Elka enlists Melanie’s help when her affair with the mayor takes an unexpected turn. Victoria hires a bodyguard.
Duct Soup
The gang helps Joy’s son plan the rehearsal dinner for his wedding. An unexpected guest from Joy’s past shows up.
Stayin' Alive!
After Victoria's husband escapes prison, she and the other women go to a hideout that Elka knows. Upon arrival, they discover the hideout is double-booked with other criminals. Guest Stars: Dave Foley, Alex Trebek, Ken Jeong
Win Win
Tensions are high in Cleveland: Victoria is up for an Academy Award, Elka is up for City Council election, and Melanie gets a visit from her mother (Debra Monk). guest stars: Georgie Engel, Debra Monk
Cleveland Indians
Lying to Cleveland's top pediatrician leads Joy to host a traditional Indian dinner party. When Victoria's wedding planner arrives, the stage is set for a classic farce--appropriate as Elka auditions for a play.
Love Is All Around
Elka and Mamie reunite their bowling team. Joy, Victoria & Melanie date a professor, director & surgeon. Guest Stars: Georgia Engel, Mary Tyler Moore, Cloris Leachman, Valerie Harper, George Hamilton, Jesse Tyler Ferguson
How Did You Guys Meet, Anyway?
Melanie, Joy, and Victoria tell Elka the story of how they met in Los Angeles in the ‘80s.
Victoria is invited to speak on an A-list gay cruise and brings Melanie, Joy and Elka with her. Guest Stars: Sandra Bernhard, Laura San Giacomo
Life With Lucci
Victoria’s arch nemesis Susan Lucci arrives looking for guidance now that All My Children has been cancelled. Guest Stars: Susan Lucci
Tangled Web Part 2
The ladies escape to a lake house after Victoria sets loose a poisonous spider belonging to her ex-husband. Guest Stars: Steven Weber
Rubber Ball
When Melanie, Joy, and Victoria try to join a Cleveland country club, they discover that Elka has a long history with the club’s president, and he’s bent on revenge. Guest Stars: Ed Asner, Jon Lovitz
Everything Goes Better With Vampires
Joy dates a guy she thinks is her teen crush Rick Springfield, Victoria wants to fire the cleaning-averse housekeeper. Guest Stars: Rick Springfield, Rhea Pearlman, Georgia Engel
Elka's trial has come at last, and her fate will be decided. What will the verdict be? Guest Stars: Sherri Shepherd, Amy Sedaris
Where's Elka? Part 2
Elka's on the lam and the women go looking for her in Amish country. Guest Stars: Amy Sedaris, George Wendt
How I Met My Mother
The son that Joy gave up for adoption stops by for a surprise visit.
Dancing Queens
The ladies decide to go dancing to burn off the Cleveland pounds but need local gay best friends to go with. Guest Stars: Doris Roberts, Antonio Sabato, Jr.
Unseparated at Birthdates
In this birthdates episode: Elka plays dumb to land a rich bachelor, Melanie's date is holier than thou, Joy only likes hers when he's not himself and Victoria gets double what she bargained for. Guest Star: John Mahoney
The ladies set each other up on blind dates, with mixed results. Guest Stars: Carl Reiner
Good Neighbors
Melanie throws a party, and in the process makes the wrong impression on one of her neighbors. Guest Stars: Wayne Knight, Carl Reiner
Good Luck Faking the Goiter
During a visit from Melanie's secretive son, she invades his privacy and learns a little too much about him. Guest Stars: Joe Jonas, Dave Foley.
Three best friends from Los Angeles discover they are 'hot' in Cleveland. Guest Star: John Schneider
May 27
Hot in Cleveland: Hot Damn!
The cast and crew talk about their favorite episodes, bloopers and behind the scenes moments after six seasons of Hot in Cleveland.
May 28
Hot in Cleveland: Hot Damn!
The cast and crew talk about their favorite episodes, bloopers and behind the scenes moments after six seasons of Hot in Cleveland.

About Hot in Cleveland

Hot in Cleveland revolves around three fabulous L.A. women of a certain age who are best friends( Valerie Bertinelli , Jane Leeves and Wendie Malick.) Their lives are changed forever when their plane -- headed to Paris for a girls-only celebration -- unexpectedly lands in Cleveland and they soon rediscover themselves in a new 'promised land'. Loving their new home, the women find themselves living under one roof and battling the sassy caretaker (Betty White) of the property they have rented. Watch new episodes Wednesdays at 10/9c!