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Zachery Ty Bryan

Bradley Michael Taylor

Zachery Ty Bryan was born in Colorado October 9, 1981. He began acting when he was very young, and has made both TV and big screen movies. His big break came when he joined Home Improvement as Brad Taylor, and one of his early movies was First Kid. Since then Bryan has gone on to leading roles in big-budget studio films, including Fast and the Furious 3: Tokyo Drift and ESPN's Codebreakers. He has had recurring roles on various TV shows, including Knight Rider and the lead in 2009's USA movie Thor, Hammer of the Gods. In addition to his on-screen presence, Bryan does some writing and co-owns a Hollywood bar, Big Wang's. He married his longtime girlfriend in 2007.

Character Bio

The eldest Taylor child, Brad has had a crush on 'Tool Time Girl' Heidi ever since he once filled in on Tim's 'Tool Time' show as his dad's assistant. He enjoys picking on youngest sibling Mark along with his brother Randy, anything related to cars, athletics, and being popular at school.