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Tim 'Tool Man' Taylor

Timothy Allen Dick was born June 13, 1953 in Denver. When he was young, his family (including his eight siblings) moved to Birmingham, Mich. In high school Tim's favorite subject was, unsurprisingly, shop. He later went on to earn a degree in television production from Western Michigan University. After college, he was arrested for drug possession and spent two years in jail, a series of events that altered the course of his life.

When he was released from prison he launched his comedy career on a dare from a friend at the Comedy Castle in Detroit. He went on to do several cable specials, including, Comedy's Dirty Dozen and Tim Allen: Men Are Pigs. In 1991, Allen became the star of his own hit series, Home Improvement.

While continuing to film that show throughout most of the 1990s, he starred in a string of blockbuster movies, including The Santa Clause series and Toy Story movies. In 1996, he developed and unveiled his own signature line of power tools, manufactured by Ryobi. Allen also has his own racing team, Tim Allen/Saleen RRRRacing.

The comic continues to grace the big screen, more recently appearing in Wild Hogs and The Shaggy Dog. In 2010, a third installment of Toy Story will feature Allen as the voice of lead hero Buzz Lightyear. The funny man was also tapped to host the Eighth Annual TV Land Awards, which had in 2009 bestowed his show Home Improvement with a TV Land Fan Favorite Award.

Character Bio

Accident-prone tool 'expert' Tim Taylor seems the least likely to host his own home makeover show, but in doing so he achieves his own slice of the American dream. His 'Tool Time' TV series is filmed in front of a 'live audience,' which is actually the studio audience for 'Home Improvement.' Tim's early mantra during particularly trying projects is 'More power!' - even if it's completely irrelevant to the task at hand. He relies on his pal and assistant Al to get him out of a jam, and the catchphrase 'We'll be right back!' is often employed during tense moments. Tim is a man's man, and though he's been married to Jill for 15 years and has three healthy - if not unruly - boys, he still needs to consult his neighbor Wilson for frequent life coaching.